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Once upon a time there was a warrior.

The warrior's name was Madrigal. Madrigal Maine. She had dark hair like the earth and gray eyes so fierce that they were otherworldly. Madrigal didn't have many friends—she was raised to fight. To maim, to kill, and eventually to die.

People who were bred to die did not need friends.

After her parents had died, after they'd been eaten, Madrigal had been raped. Once, when she'd been too broken to leave the inn at which she'd been sold.

Ten years later, she'd gone back and killed the man. Strangled him with her hands.

Before then, she'd had a baby: a cute, blond haired little thing that she didn't even name. Didn't have the time to name. It had been taken away from her when it was three days old. Given. She didn't know where.

The baby's name was Amory.