I see a demon is his wake

one bearing a cross on his neck.

Lies his words on make.

He's pretending to be something he's not.

In the eventide

he walks the smoothest

never failing in its step.

For he is searching for the victim newest.

He lures the with words,

words which are sweet and kind.

It whispers them softly

never leaving a doubt in their mind.

Their happiness depends

on his own measure.

He destroys their happiness

for its own pleasure.

He only brings out its dagger,

a dagger gilded and jeweled,

when his charged rebel

and cannot be ruled.

His pursuit is slow

extending the given pain

watching the seeping blood

like a pattering of rain.

Once the body is dead

he silently leaves the place

never to be seen again

never showing his face.

He walks to a new place

looking for the next victim

ensnaring them like the rest

only leaving when it suits him.