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Who would you choose your master or your partner?

"Did you hear the news?" Isaiah asked. The man before him sighed and nodded.

"Yes, I did."

Isaiah laughed at his answer. "I thought he would be throwing a tantrum by now." The man just glared at his friend.

"I'm not a kid anymore, Isaiah." He said. "I'm already in my 20s."

"I don't really see what the big deal is, Eric." Isaiah said.

"It's a big deal because it's like they don't trust me!" Eric exclaimed.

"It's not that they don't trust you. They're just worried about your safety. You know, since it's becoming more dangerous. You need to know that you're a Prince, Eric."

"I know that. Why do you think I trained for my whole life?" Eric sighed once again.

"I'm pretty excited! Hopefully he's someone I can have a match with!" Isaiah said excitedly.

"Don't expect too much. It could be a girl, you know!" Eric said as a joke as Isaiah laughed along with him.

Suddenly they heard a soft knock on the large double doors.

"Come in." Eric shouted to the person on the other side of the doors. He expected a maid but what he saw was unexpected.

A young women about the same age as him was standing there. She was not gorgeous but she was naturally pretty with her long brown hair in a long braid and her blue eyes absolutely expressionless. The most surprising thing was that she was wearing a red uniform for only the aides for the royal family.

"Impossible." Eric heard Isaiah muttered. Eric was thinking the same thing. He didn't want to believe it.

The young women bowed deeply in respect as she introduced herself.

"I am Renee Vargas. I will be in your service."

No way. That was all that those two thought.

"You might have a mistake, young lady." Isaiah tried to lead her out of the room, not excepting this at all.

She slapped his arm away without changing her expression.

"I do not make mistakes. I was told by the King to protect him." She said.

"No way." Eric said in shock.

"I'm sorry that I did not send any message of me coming today." She bowed deeply once more.

"N-no its fine." He said unsure how to react.

"I can't believe your new aide is a girl. More importantly, my new partner is a girl." Isaiah said.

The girl just stared at him but you could tell her eyes were having a killing intent.

"Are you saying just because I'm a girl means that I'm not strong enough to protect my master?" Isaiah took a step back, feeling intimidated.

"I'm just stating fact." He said. She was taking another step towards until Erin spoke up.

"Renee, s-sorry he didn't mean it." Eric tried to say though it was hard when her stoic expression made her look furious. Surprisingly she stopped and bowed once more.

"I'm sorry, Prince Eric." She said in a polite voice. Completely different from the way to spoke to Isaiah.

"A-ah, yeah." He said. "Uh,Renee, please take care of me." Eric said, sticking his hand out waiting for a handshake. Isaiah just looked at him like he was crazy.

"Yes, sir." She just said and bowed once more. The Prince just laughed nervously as Isaiah glared, dissatisfied.


Renee's POV

"Hey, Renee." I looked behind to see the owner of the voice who just called me.

"Yes?" I answered. The man that was named, Isaiah, I recall, was in training clothes and standing there with a training sword. It wasn't surprising, I was passing by the training hall anyway.

He stuck his hand outwards towards me and tried his best to smile.

"Nice to meet you. I didn't have time to introduce myself but I'm," Before he finished I interrupted him.

"Isaiah Carriedo. The first aide to the first Prince, Eric." I said in monotone. He sighed and started to scratch his head.

"You do realize I have no intention to be partners with someone who's arrogant like that." He said. I had no idea what he was talking about but it irritated me.

"You do realize I have no intention of being partners with someone sexist. Besides my only duty is to protect the prince. I don't have to get along with you." I said as I turned my back towards him.

"Hey, wait!" He said, grabbing my shoulder. I slapped his hand away and was forced to turn back to him. He still faked his smile and pointed at himself.

"If you have a sword match with me then maybe I'll accept you as my partner and the aide of the Prince" He said.

"I don't need your consent to be an aide. It's not your choice." I shot back at him. He looked annoyed and put both of his arms behind his head.

"I guess you're just scared to get beaten by me." He laughed. There was a moment of silence and I saw the small panic in his eyes.

"If you think that was going to work, you might not be the brightest person I know. Do you think I'm that mentally weak?" I answered. I saw him flinch a little at my answer.

"If that is all, I will be going." And with that I left him standing there.

Normal POV

"Haha, were you dissed by a girl, Isaiah?" Isaiah looked behind him to see two of his training friends in similar clothing as him.

"Maybe you could say that?" He questioned himself, but he was seriously irritated.

"Yea, but who's that girl? She's wearing the aide's uniform. Is she…" Isaiah sighed at the reality.

"Yup, the second aide to the prince." He answered.

"Wow, never thought it would be a girl assigned to protect the prince. Must be hard for you, too, huh?" His friend playfully nudged him in the shoulder.

"Haha, yea…" he laughed with them as he watched Renee disappear near the corner.