Um...where to start from? I decided to rewrite that story for many reasons. I think it was badly written, and there were tons of things that I didn't mention. In the past year, I have learned lots of things, and I have probably changed. Lots of things have changed, and my writing skills got a bit better, I think. I have written lots of stories, some of which I have published, and I wanted to rewrite this one because it's one of the best I have ever written and it was badly written, as I told you before.

So, I'll stop talking and let you read. Enjoy.

Chapter one

I breathed a sigh of relief. Another dull school day which was more of an ordeal was over. I could finally go home and relax, knowing that I am away from all those judgemental people who make fun of you if you're not like them and don't fit in.

Well, whatever. I mean, what the hell dude? We're not supposed to fit in and get along with everyone! Not every one of us is meant to be popular and have a reputation. And me, being classed as a freak, was more than happy to go home.

Why all of my friends have to be enrolled to a different school, I will never figure that out. Bad luck, I guess. Yeah, luck never was on my side, I guess. Oh God. Stop talking about boring, random things that bore people.

Let me introduce myself. I am Emily, I am sixteen, and...yeah! I just got back home.

"Going upstairs," I said as I took off my blood red Converse sneakers, ran upstairs to my room, closed the door behind me, showing Mom that I was in a bad mood and didn't want to talk to anyone. I looked around my messy room. It looked like a bomb had exploded in this, as always. It was annoying, but I wasn't going to tidy up my room anytime soon. Too bored to start putting stuff back to their place, since I'm going to make a mess again.

Oh great. I lost my guitar picks.

I sighed, wanting nothing more than to start screaming out of frustration as I walked downstairs. "Hey Mom, I lost my guitar picks." I announced. As if she knew where the hell they were.

Mom just laughed as she turned off the TV and turned around to look at me. "Didn't I tell you? Max ate both of them this morning. It seems that you'll have to buy new ones," she told me.

I looked at our dog, Max. He was found to be laying under the coffee table. The dog started running towards me, wanting nothing more than to be given some love and affection. "Come here," I smiled and held him in my arms. "Why would you eat my guitar picks?" I wondered. Ha. As if the dog could give me the answer. "Where did you find them anyways?"

I laughed as I let go of him, grabbed some money from the counter, slipped on my sneakers and fixed my long, red hair. "Going to the music store to buy some new guitar picks," I told Mom, who just nodded and told me something that I didn't hear, cause a second later I was out of the house and started walking towards the store, which was a couple of blocks away.

As I walked into the store, I tripped on my shoe laces and fell down on the cold, hard floor. Oh shit. That hurt an awful lot. I was about to start screaming, but refrained from cursing loudly and stood up. As I stood up, I happened to look into someone's light gray eyes. They were beautiful, to say the least. It turned out that those gray eyes belonged to a young guy around my age. I could feel myself blushing fiercely.

Uh oh. Mental note: Do not make an exhibition of yourself in front of such a good looking guy never, ever, ever again. Just don't.

As I bought three new guitar picks and started making my way back home, I realized I was still blushing. Red was becoming my favourite colour, and I didn't like it at all. Why did I have to trip on my shoe laces and fall down?

Well, at least a handsome guy looked at me.

Oh, shut up, brain!

Still, I couldn't stop wondering about that guy. I only noticed that he was looking at some drum kits. I would have taken a second, and probably better look at him, but, after I fell down, I was so embarrassed that I didn't dare to look at him again. There was something special about his eyes, though. They weren't nice or pretty. They were beautiful with a capital B, and believe me, rarely ever do I describe someone or something as beautiful.

I wouldn't call him beautiful, though. I didn't even manage to see how he looked like. Plus, I am absolutely sure that he'll be just like the vast majority of boys. Ha. Such idiots. All they care about is their reputation and social status. Their relationships don't even last a fucking week, and they keep hurting people and breaking their hearts. They don't really seem to have feelings or care for other people and learn how to love. All they care for is theirselves.

I dumped my new guitar picks on my desk, praying to God that I wouldn't lose them like my old ones, which I had lost a million times, and walked downstairs. "I'm going to take Max out for a walk at the park, I'll be back in a quarter or so," I told Mom, who smiled and thanked me.

A dreadful surprise was waiting me at the local park, though. At first, I didn't see it coming. I sat down on a bench and Max laid down on the grass, enjoying the sunny weather and the warmth. I was calm and felt really relaxed and happy, until those bitches had to come to me and ruin my good mood. I looked at them, and tried really hard not to pull a disgusted face.

Well, I'll let you know what's the matter. Gabriella, Katie and Liza. They're the most popular girls at school. And it seems like torturing me and making fun of me for being different from them is the most entertaining thing they have to do. Seriously, they really do have more interesting things to do. They just like laughing at me. That's not funny, though. After all those years, I still can't figure out what makes bullying so damn funny and entertaining. After all those years, I'm still wondering why the majority of boys fell and are still falling for them.

They're jerks...or maybe they trip them.

Oh, I said shut up brain! If I asked for your opinion, I would take the duct tape off your mouth, and I know you know that.

"What are you doing here?!" Gabriella, their leader, or whatever she is, spoke in her annoying, high pitched voice.

I didn't answer. No, I wasn't afraid. I was everything but afraid of them. If I ignored them, they would go away and then I would go on with my life. Plus, I had absolutely no intention of getting beaten again. That's what I did. I ignored them.

"Oh, look! She's not answering!" Katie laughed and pointed a finger at me, as if I was a disgrace to the human race, which I sure wasn't. Come on now, I'm not perfect...heck, I'm not even close to good...but hey! I am not a disgrace to the human race!

"Hey! Freaks like you aren't allowed to go out, you know! They scare guys!" Katie went on talking and laughing, as if what she said was funny. The rest of them automatically started laughing with what she said. Oh, believe me, I wanted nothing more than to push Katie down on the ground, throw mud at her ugly face, take those hideous fuchsia high heels off her feet and make her eat them.

A sharp pain on the left side of my face brought me back to reality. I looked up at them. Liza had slapped me, and it hurt like hell. Of course, there was no way I would let her know. There was no way I would scream in pain or let the tears fall. That would only make them happier.

A loud, piercing scream caused me to cover my ears with my hands. I looked up at Gabriella, who was screaming in pain and throwing curses. "How could your dog bite me?!" she yelled, her anger having taken over her.

Max had bitten her leg. I tried to keep a straight face. I didn't like it when people were in pain, but she deserved all of the pain she was going through. It was really hard not to laugh. "You're such a loser!" she shouted at me. "I promise you, you won't get away with it!" She motioned for the girls to come closer. I stood up and took a couple of steps back. I was afraid. I didn't want to get beaten again.

"Leave her the fuck alone!" someone yelled.

At once, they stopped kicking and hitting me, and we all looked up to the owner of this loud, full of anger voice. Oh no. I managed to make another exhibition of myself to the same guy who saw me when I tripped on my shoe laces and fell down. Yeah, I mean the one with the breathtaking gray eyes...

"What's so fucking wrong with you?!" he pointed an accusing finger at them and went on yelling and cursing. "Why would you treat her like that?! I repeat, leave her the fuck alone!"

I looked at the girls. They all shared the same horrified expression. I tried not to burst out laughing. They seemed to be frightened. I looked up at the guy. I couldn't understand the reason why they pulled disgusted faces when they looked at him. Sure, he yelled and cursed at them...but no, he wasn't ugly or anything.

He was everything but ugly.

I even managed to take a better look at him as he watched the girls walking away while saying things such as "Oh, how could he be that rude to us?!" and "Oh, he's not only unpolite, but really ugly as well!". The things they said were lies. That guy was really good looking.

He looked like a fallen angel, only the wings were missing. He wore a pair of black, ripped skinny jeans similar to mine, black combat boots, and a black band T-shirt, whose sleeves were cut off. I couldn't make out which the band was, though, since the shirt was old and the colour had faded. He was really pale, and his hair were long, but not really long, and raven black. It was obvious that he had dyed his bangs and side fringe dark blue, but most of the colour had faded away. He only wore a thin layer of eyeliner, and that made his amazing light gray eyes stand out even more.

Oh please, take this beauty away from me...He's so good looking that I can't stand looking at him.

When Gabriella and her girl friends were out of our sight, he turned around to look at me. I could tell that he seemed to be a bit worried, but he didn't express it. He didn't seem to be that kind of guy who expresses his feelings and cries.

I looked up at him, and found out that he was taller than I thought. His height made him look even skinnier. He looked at me carefully, and I was trying to figure out why he was staring at me up and down, but I couldn't find the reason why.

"Did they hurt you?" he asked me. That time, his voice wasn't loud and didn't express anger. It was soft and really low, barely audible.

I couldn't form any words. Even if I would be able to, they wouldn't come out of my mouth. I just shook my head no. Before I could do anything, he turned on his heel and walked away from me, not looking back.

Finally, the words came out of my mouth. "Hey, wait!" I called out.

He stopped walking and turned around to look at me. A second later, he turned around and went on walking away from me. I could tell that there was something wrong with him, and I didn't like it.

I didn't even know that guy. All I knew was that I wanted to make whatever was wrong with him go away.