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Our perfect love - five years later

Nour dropped his holdall on the floor and key on the side and took a moment to savour the deep breath of home flavoured air that he drew into the bottom of his lungs. It was mid-afternoon but he was exhausted and jet lagged and he wanted nothing more than to have a shower and get into bed, preferably not alone.

'Nour Springson!'

A sigh slid from between Nour's lips as angry greeting of his beloved Lachlan rattled the pictures on the wall of their home. That definitely did not sound like the voice of someone who was going to be coaxed into an afternoon of sweaty sex and an early night.

Nour left his bag where it was and went through into the kitchen. Lachlan was leaning back against one of the counters, his arms crossed over his broad chest and his muscles bulged almost comically under one of the shirts he wore for work. Nour resisted the usual temptation to smile at the sight.

'Do ya know what I heard today?' asked Lachlan, and if his tone hadn't made it clear enough, the fact that he had slipped into his old way of speaking left Nour with little doubt that whatever it was it was something he hadn't appreciated.

'Hmm,' Nour feigned a look of innocence as he crossed the kitchen and slid his hands around his boyfriends hips. 'Would this be the reason for my lack of welcome home hug, and my congratulatory kiss?' Nour leant up and pressed his lips over Lachlan's. 'Welcome home, my beloved, I've missed you terribly, and well done on winning even though I wasn't there in the crowd to cheer you on. Hmmm?' he teased gently. 'Why thank you, my darling Lachlan, I missed you too, and I only won by imagining I was chasing you into the nearest bed.' Nour finished with a chuckle and pressed a series of chaste kisses down the unmoved flesh of Lachlan's neck.

When Lachlan still refused to budge Nour leant back, 'have I told you how dashing you look in your work clothes?'

'Are you going to say all of this to your other boyfriend when you see him?'

'My other…?' Nour laughed and broke away. Crossing the kitchen he pulled a beer out of the fridge and with great relish he popped the top off and let the cool liquid wash its way down his throat. 'Ah, American lager is awful,' he said as he turned back to Lachlan. 'So? Go on then: what was it you heard at work today that's got your pants in such a twist?'

Nour leant back against the opposite counter and proffered the bottle to Lachlan. Lachlan grumbled and went to get his own. Nour watched his with a soft smile still tugging at the edge of his lips; he had a feeling he knew what this was all about.

'This afternoon my colleagues informed me that you're getting married.' Lachlan huffed as he fished in the back of the fridge. 'And I had to tell them that it must be to someone else because this was the first I was hearing about it.'

'I knew it!' Nour laughed and launched himself onto Lachlan's back, chucking his arms around his neck and burying his face into Lachlan's pale neck. 'I knew whatever I said you were going to be mad.'

Lachlan gave up with his beer and hitched Nour further up onto his back, he wrapped his hands under Nour's legs and pouted over his shoulder at Nour's smug face.

'You know I'm right!' Nour chuckled into Lachlan's ear. 'What was I supposed to do? The interviewer asked me if I was getting married, and you know that if I'd said no you would have been mad too.' He leant forwards trusting Lachlan to hold them both up as he pulled Lachlan's lips between his.

'You could have at least warned me.'

'And miss this delicious reaction?' Nour murmured. 'Never.' He took a moment to savour the kiss, pressing himself closer into Lachlan's back as their lips picked up a more urgent tempo. They were both breathing slightly out of kilter as Nour broke the kiss and let himself slide from Lachlan's back.

'So?' he whispered as he savoured the sensation of Lachlan's strong arms finally wrapping around him. It had only been three weeks but it felt so much longer.

'I missed you, and well done,' Lachlan grumbled through feigned annoyance as he pressed a kiss down onto Nour's lips.

'Mmm,' Nour relished the lips against his. 'But that wasn't what I meant.' His face split into a grin, and his tongue darted out to rest against his teeth. 'So, you want to get married then?' He asked with his voice low.

Lachlan actually pouted.

'Do you think that grinning up at me with that hansom smile of yours and pressing your lovely hips against me is going to make me forget that the readers of a bloody gossip magazine found out you wanted to marry me before I did?'

'I hoped it might help.' Nour pressed his lips in against the line of Lachlan's jaw and let his mouth slide down his neck and along the opening of his shirt. 'Is there anything else I can do that would help you forgive me and persuade you to say yes?' he asked teasingly as his fingers made short work of the buttons of Lachlan's shirt. 'For example: something that could be done in the shower that I really need?' Nour sucked in short breaths as his eyes and lips and hands took in the chest he'd been craving for three weeks.

'Hmm, lead the way and we'll see.'

Nour grinned and wrapped his hand around Lachlan's wrist, stepping out of his embrace and leading them both upstairs and into the bathroom. They'd come a long way since cramming themselves in a tiny plastic shower and struggling not to fall off the edge of a single bed while they made love. Nour rid him and Lachlan of the last of their clothes as drew him into their massive shower backwards. He slipped down to wrap his lips around the length of flesh that strained between Lachlan's legs.

But Lachlan had other ideas and he tugged Nour back to his feet with a growl. He washed him down with impatient hands before slipping his fingers inside of his lover. And he grinned in smug delight at the desperate pleas his actions drew from Nour's lips.

They stumbled from the shower with lips and bodies and hands still entwined. They were both straining as they urgently dried each other off before the tumbled together onto the bed. Lachlan pressed himself between Nour's legs and slid inside of Nour with a satisfied groan.

'God, I missed you, Nour.' Lachlan gasped as he folded over to reach Nour's lips with his.

'Ah…' Nour moaned as his body writhed and bucked beneath Lachlan's teasingly gentle thrusts. 'Me too, harder Lach.'

Lachlan tugged Nour's lips beneath his teeth as he drew out. Nour threw his head back and dissolved in the heat of both their pleasure as Lachlan filled him again, he panted and pleaded beneath Lachlan as they both rose to a shuddering climax.

Nour felt completely sated as he eventually rolled himself back out of bed to clean himself up. It was only three in the afternoon but he felt more than ready to sleep through until morning as he tugged the duvet over both of them as he climbed back into bed beside a languid Lachlan.

'So, did it work?' Nour muttered into his boyfriend's ear as he snugged in behind him and tucked his arms round Lachlan's chest.

A soft chuckle shuddered the chest beneath Nour's arms as Lachlan turned to face him. His expression was soft and full of tenderness.

'You really want to get married, Nour?' Lachlan whispered as he let his fingers run down the side of Nour's face. 'The media is pretty hot round you at the moment.' He ran his touch down Nour's neck and paused on the tanned and toned expanse of his enviable abs. Nour had been winning a lot of races all over the world, and thanks to some clever advertising by his sponsors and some very keen gay rights activists he was pretty well known at the moment. The fact that the colleague who had asked Lachlan about his marriage plans was an avid reader of gossip magazines rather than the sports pages was proof enough that Nour had crossed the weird sports personality – celebratory barrier, even if it was only temporarily.

'You know my boss was telling me his eldest daughter has a poster of you on her wall?' Lachlan said gently. 'He said he had to explain to his youngest why the magazine hadn't made a mistake when they wrote boyfriend instead of girlfriend.'

Nour chuckled and pressed a brief chaste kiss against Lachlan's lips. 'This is a good thing, it's good to challenge stereotypes, why should she assume it's a typo?'

His light smile deepened and he ran a hand round Lachlan's face. 'But that's not why I want to marry you, Lach. I won't let the gay rights people anywhere near it. This will be for us, we'll find a little place somewhere, and it will just me and you, Beth and Steven, Urey and Stark, Glyn and Mary, and your mum and dad. So that I can tell you and the people closest to us how much I love you, and how I'm never going to leave you.'

'You don't have to marry me to tell me that, idiot.'

'I know, but I want to. So,' Nour took a deep breath and though his was smiling there was no humour in it, only love. 'Will you marry me Lachlan? Let me be yours in law as well as in heart, and body, and soul.'

Bright afternoon sunlight spilled through the window of their home. It caught the blue motes in the depth of Lachlan's eyes, making them glow with warmth as he smiled back at Nour. 'How could I refuse such beautiful mush? Of course I'll marry you. I love you.'

'I love you too,' replied Nour, and in his chest his heart was warm and overflowing as he pressed his eyes shut and he fell asleep basking in the warmth of their love.

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