Another boom of thunder and stroke of lightening cracked the clear midnight sky, rendering the mass of dulled stars invisible for a few seconds. It was odd for such a storm to grace the skies of England especially on such a clear night; it was so unexpected, so fierce and so enchanting that it had brought hoards of Britons to their windows to watch.

"Look more lightening" must've been breathed in awe by her whole street thought Tara as she did the same, looking out of the window, drying her hands on the tea towel absentmindedly while her husband, Matthew, put the dried pots away.

"It's only lightening, it's the same the lightening you saw the last time we had a thunder storm" Matthew reminded her as he rose from placing the last of the dishes in the cupboard beside the oven that was quietly cooling itself down.

"I don't think it is, there's-there's something different about it – look" Tara insisted pointed out of the window with a flick of the tea towel without even turning to look back at him, not wanting to miss any of the spectacular light show.

An almost inaudible sigh escaped Matthew's lips as he strode up to her, winding his arms around her placing his chin on her shoulder watching with her. I was then he admitted, silently to himself, that there was something different about this storm. It grabbed you by your pupils and didn't let you go. It was as if it wanted to be watched, the more people it could intoxicate, it almost grown in intensity as if trying to choose who or when to strike.

Another strike and a deeper more aggressive rumble of thunder reverberated through the still night. No wind blew but the hostile nature of the rumble seemed to make the trees shake violently and then instantly stop but a few seconds after the rumble stopped.

The next strike was thicker. The light was harsher. Spread across the sky, over their house, exploding the front door open. Tara screamed, jumping in Matthew's arms, balling up his shirt in a fist quickly. Both of them were breathing deeply, holding onto each other, shaking lightly as they looked from the open door banging against the wall that was beginning to close slowly to each other. Silently, slowly, Matthew placed a foot out about to make his way to the door when a sudden small laugh turned into wail. They snapped their gaze to each other, eyebrows pulled together in confusion. Treading carefully through the kitchen, through the living room toward the hallway where the wailing grew louder. Stunned into silence, the pair neared the source of the wails. As they had suspected a tiny child, a baby no less, was laid on the door step wrapped in black so only a pale face and two unbelievably, massive, golden eyes were visible.

The wailing stopped as they neared the tiny bundle, kneeling over it so the baby could see their faces. The baby began to smile, giggling and started wrestling with its wrap, trying to get its arms out, causing a piece of paper to fall to the floor. Tara hesitantly picked up the piece of paper handing it to Matthew who was sat beside her stunned. She then picked up the little abandoned baby cradling it in her arms.

"I can't read this" Matthew whispered flicking the card over in his hands. What was written on the small placard was what seemed to be curly Chinese scripture, completely unfathomable and so intricately drawn it seemed a shame really. The child did not look Chinese, so the scriptures with it didn't seem to match up.

"What do you mean?" Tara asked softly as the little child began to drift off to sleep, its strange honey golden eyes closing slowly. Matthew handed her the card as he took the tiny baby from her, standing and leading Tara into their deep teal living room.

"Have you lost the ability to read it's in plain English" Tara insisted shaking her head frowning at the card flashing towards him.

"Trust me, it was not in English when I looked at it" He argued softly, smiling at the sleeping child in his arms as if it where his own.

"Right, you're just going crazy" She smiled ruffling his hair as she sat on the arm of the chair Matthew had sat on.

"Read it then" He urged stroking the baby's cheek as it fell into a deeper sleep in his arms, hiding those unique eyes.

"Keep your hair on, I will, I will. Right it says:

To whoever finds our little girl.

Please know that it was by no mistake, she is very special as you will find out and we needed a family that was strong and would love her for who she is, and she found her way to you. Her name is Lexis and as you may guess from the colour and size of her eyes she is not human. She is Syntaxian, so heed this warning well; do not talk at the same time as her, don't make a sound the same time she does otherwise you will not be able to say those things again. Be careful, it is this ability that has destroyed our world and brought our baby to you.

Please take care of her, love her as if she were your own, love her for her differences and teach her that, being who she is, is not a bad thing.

Thank you, whoever you may be, and goodbye my baby I hope you understand why we did, what we did." Tara stared down at the card in disbelief, either this was an extremely sick joke or by some amazing chance they had actually been in contact with another species.

"You're joking" Matthew breathed looking up at is wife, then gazing down at the tiny girl sleeping soundly unaware of what had happened, where she was or where she had come from.

"No, that's what it says" Tara insisted just as quietly, leaning over touching the baby's face as if she was this magical object that could transfer powers to her.

"So she's an alien?" He asked shakily "And we can't talk when she does?"

"Yes" Tara answered uncovering the child's head as she turned blocking her nose and mouth with the black hood. As the hood slipped from her head, revealed to them were tufts of bright purple hair.

"Right so someone has dyed this kids hair purple and claimed it's an alien – probably on drugs or something" Matthew decided, watching his wife frown down at the tiny girl not replying to his accusation.

"You saw her eyes, they aren't normal, Matt what if she really is alien?" She asked finally looking up at him, at his steady brown gaze, giving her that same look he always does when he knew she was about to do something potentially stupid.

"You're not serious are you?" He asked his gaze not wavering at all, desperately trying to think of a way of handling this delicately knowing his wife all too well.

"Well, until it is proven about the whole don't talk when she does. Then… I don't know" She shrugged lifting the baby out of his arms and cradling her in her own. Gazing down at the baby she knew it was farfetched believing this tiny girl was an alien but what's to say she wasn't, she'd come to them there must be a reason behind it.

"We can't keep her, she's not ours" Matthew finally expressed what was on his mind, sucking in a deep breath not sure of what the reply would be. They may have been trying for a baby, of course they wanted to start a family but they couldn't just take this child, she wasn't theirs, what if these possible crack-heads wanted her back? What would they do then?

"Why not?" Tara asked gently, turning around to face Matthew. He couldn't possibly think they couldn't keep her? She thought sadly. He had heard the message that came with her, he couldn't possibly think they should send her back to where she had come from, did he? Even if it did turn out that she was an alien how could they send her back, they were just journalists, not rocket scientists.

"Because…" As he began to speak the little girl woke up and began to chunter in baby speak very sleepily then to fall back to sleep again.

"Now tell me that isn't sweet" Tara cooed breaking into a large smile that Matthew hadn't seen in a while.

"It is very sweet, I'm not saying she isn't." He smiled up at her, leaning forwards in the chair as she walked towards him "But we can't really keep her can we?"

"Go on then, why can't we keep… Lexis?" Tara huffed

"B-" Matthew frowned, his tongue stuck in his mouth, he couldn't form the word, come to think of it he wasn't sure he could spell it anymore. Tara stared down at him, in disbelief, she couldn't believe he was actually pretending not to be able to say 'because'.

"Very mature Matt, stop playing about" Tara sighed looking down at the baby flattening down her hair that was stuck up all over the place.

"I-I'm not" He replied almost panicky "I can't say b-, I can't say -" Now he couldn't even say the first letter! Eyes widened he stood and watched the sleeping child. She could have? She couldn't have taken that word from him could she?