A moment passes in the moonlight

Before I have to go.

A second in the streetlight,

With voices low.

A farewell whisper

And a kiss goodbye.

This was not the first one,

But the final time.

Goodnight morning glory,

Goodnight morning dove.

I send out written letters

Filled with words of love.

And in the petty morning

When you find me by,

You should not fill with mourning,

But with memories of life.

A moment passes in the sunlight

On the dreaded day.

You give me bright, crisp flowers

As we wait by the bay.

I sail out to the ocean

All alone this time.

You cannot hear me whisper,

"My love, goodbye."

Hello evening wonder.

Hello starlight glow.

In the swaying seaweed

I follow falling snow.

And following this twilight

When I hear no more

I'll see you later one day

In a heavenly light.