As for my other story in progress, Because I Feel Like It, it has only one chapter left: the epilogue. Will be posted soon. This is just a random idea that popped into my head. I have a strange mind. This is only a oneshot and I'm not going to lengthen it.

Erin didn't know what he was thinking.

There he was, strolling through town, in a dress.

It was a crazy idea.

Strangers stared at him, and he heard people whispering. How embarrassing. It wasn't as if he thought it was fun to dress as a girl, he just had the idea last night and decided to try it. It was his sister's dress, and it was hot pink with little frills on the hem.

He had to admit, dresses were comfy, but he felt so uncomfortable with all the stares he was getting.

He went to a little fast food restaurant to eat, and sat outside at an umbrella table. He was about to take a bite of his sandwich when he heard someone yell, "Hey, you!" He looked up and saw a boy his age walking over to him. "Why are you in a dress, sissy?"

Erin's hands trembled. "Um... well..."

"You look so weird!" The boy started laughing.

Erin took a deep breath. "Well..." An interesting idea came to him. "I bet you wouldn't be brave enough to dress like a girl in public."

The boy stopped laughing and his eyes widened. "What? Of course I could!"

"Oh yeah?" Erin challenged.

"Yes, I could!"

"Then do it. Prove that you're brave enough," said Erin.

The boy began to sweat. "Well, um... okay! There's no way I can deny the challenge!"

Erin ate his lunch, talking to the boy, whose name was apparently Jake. Once he finished, the two walked to the nearest department store and looked at dresses.

"How 'bout this one?" said Erin, holding up a very fluffy dress.

"Not one that girly!" Jake shrieked.

Erin giggled. "Then how about this one?" He held up a fairly simple aqua dress with purple on the collar and sleeves.

Jake sighed. "Fine."

They went to the check-out. Erin put the dress on the counter. The check-out lady looked first at Erin, the boy wearing the dress, and Jake, who was still sweating badly, and then the dress they were buying. "Boys," she mumbled. The boys acted like they didn't hear her and paid for the dress, then went to the changing room.

"Hey, look," said Erin. "The dress comes with a matching necklace!"

"Aw, c'mon, do I have to wear that too?" Jake whined.

"No, just the dress."

Jake took the dress into the stall. A while later, Erin said, "You done yet?"


"Then come out already."

Very slowly, Jake emerged from the stall, wearing the dress. He looked at the ground, embarrassed.

"Perfect!" said Erin. "I must say, you're much prettier when you're dressed like that."

Jake blushed. "Cut it out," he mumbled.

Erin and Jake walked out of the store, Erin smiling, Jake freaking out. By now, Erin had gotten used to the stares he was getting, but Jake was not at all. They walked around the mall for a little while, then left and walked down the sidewalk.

They passed a mother with a little girl. "Mommy," the girl said. "Why are those boys wearing dresses?"

"They're weirdos," she said. "Just don't look at them."

Finally they arrived back at the fast food restaurant they had met. "It was nice meeting you," said Erin. "Even though you were kind of mean to me at first."

"Yeah, sorry about that," said Jake. "That is hard to do..."

The boys exchanged phone numbers so that they could keep in touch. Sometimes you make friends in weird ways.

On his way home, Erin's cell phone rang. Could Jake be calling already? He picked it up. It was his sister, Emily.

"Hello," he said.

"Hey, Erin," Emily said. "Hey, do you have any idea where my hot pink dress went?"