It all happened on a sunny afternoon in the middle of July. My family and I were travelling down a secondary road with the windowa down because the air conditioning was broken. A week before, we had decided to take some days far from the world, just to create bonds between ourselves and nature. We were heading to a little house in the mountain, it belongs to one of my parent's friends. My brother was all grumpy because he didn't want to come and was complaining about the heat. My father decided to stop and rest for a while in a nearby area, and that was when it happened.

After resting some time under a tree, I decided to explore a little inside the forest behind us. After tellin mum, I went for a walk. The forest was so thick you could only see what was a couple of metres in front of you. It seemed that the night before it had been raining because the earth was wet. Suddenly, I saw some bushes move in front of me, and I stepped back, but I heard noises coming from my back. It sounded as if someone or something was running towards me. My heart began to beat really fast.I carefully turned around, but I saw nothing. It was estrange, the sound was there, and I could feel it approach me. But then, it wasn't just from my front, it came all around me, as if something was circling me. Closer and closer.

I began to panic. My feet wouldn't move and my throat was as dry as the desert. I could feel it, it was nearer and nearer. And the bushes kept moving. A bird made such a loud noise that I flinched. I mentally prepared myself for what was coming, as if I could feel the end reaching me. I fell on my knees on the floor and closed my eyes, prepared for whatever it was to come and catch me. And, all of a sudden, it stopped.

I, slowly, opened my eyes. I sighed, and instantly my cheeks were red. I felt so embarrassed. There, in front of me, were a family of rabbits. Their burrow was behind the bushes and they were just coming to protect their offspring.

Finally, when I found my way back to where my family were, they had already cleaned up and were waiting for me to come back. Mum asked if it had been a nice walk, I just nodded. I decided to keep it for myself, not wanting my brother to tease me. The car headed to our destination.