The E-mail

Dear Me of the past,

Um, how are you doing?

Are you still afraid? Do you feel lost?

That's okay, it's all okay, and you know you aren't alone, right?

Try to be more open with people and hold them close to you, it will be worth it.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be in complete solitude once in a while, it helps relieve the stress.

I myself am always surrounded by people and I'm always helping, like normal.

You haven't changed much, that's good. You show strong will. Although, you should smile more often because constantly strangling yourself to find a way to be less worthless is a waste of time, because you weren't trash to begin with.

Walking alone is okay, just make stronger connections and try to have more people who you can't let go of.

I am happy now.

That doesn't mean I couldn't be happy back then.

Just remember to lift yourself up once in a while.

From, Future me