We need to stop listening to the heart. All it does is keep us living, and all it tells us is how to keep it beating, not really what we want. Survive it shouts to us, do what you must to survive, to let me beat one more day.

I want to love him.

He'll kill you, you know, he'll kill you.

But I love him.

He'll break me.

He won't, I promise he won't. I know I love him.

But does he love you?

Yes, yes he does. He loves me like I love him.

But he hasn't said this, has he?

You can't lie to me.

I love him.

Stop crying. You don't know what you want. Listen to me.

But I love him.

He'll only do you bad. He'll only kill you.

He won't, I know he won't.

Stop causing me pain, you've already caused me enough. I know what's best for you.

But I want to be with him.

But wouldn't you rather be with me?