A/N: I don't think I've ever been so invested in any Supreme Court ruling of my liftime. Congrats to the LGBTQ community for gaining rights they should've had from the get-go. Let's keep fighting for full equality!

Here's a short drabble to celebrate! Enjoy!

Love is Love

Zander glanced up from Twitter on his phone and at the TV, where he, his fiancé, and the rest of the world were waiting for the ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States on laws DOMA and Prop 8. Both were a major part of discrimination (at least in laws) for LGBTQ's living in America, and today, right now, was the moment of truth.

He snuggled closer to Tristan, and reflexively, Tristan grabbed his hand, threading their fingers together. Zander's mom looked at the two and smiled, hoping that today would be a memorable day for them as well as others much like them. His father was at work, but he had called Zander not too long ago, wishing him and the rest of the LGBTQ community luck.

In that moment, Tristan wished that his parents could be half as supportive as his fiancé's were.

But he forgot about all of that now, squeezing Zander's hand. "I swear to fucking god," he murmured, and his heart was hammering in his chest. In the background behind the CNN reporter, he could see a nearly endless crowd of people, many with rainbows somewhere on their person, pride flags or posters of some sort, or T-shirts with support. Tristan wanted to be there with them, but all he really needed was sitting beside him on the couch, clinging to his hand.

Suddenly, the crowd erupted into shouts and cheers and the CNN reporter had to shout to be heard: "Breaking news! The Supreme Court has struck down DOMA and overturned Prop 8. Today is a momentous day for the LGBTQ community."

"No way," Zander said, and he broke out into a huge grin. Tristan hooped and hollered like the Saints had just scored a touchdown and Mrs. Kings hugged the both of them. When she pulled back, Tristan swept Zander up into his arms and kissed him as close to death as he could without actually killing him.

He broke the kiss and both he and his fiancé were grinning like madmen. "I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime," Zander's mom said, pressing a kiss to both of their cheeks. "Goes to show that I should've had more faith."

"Thank you." Tristan turned to Mrs. Kings. "For all the support you've ever shown me as well as your son. I really appreciate it."

"No need to thank me. It's just called being human. Now, excuse me while I go make some celebratory brownies." With one last smile, she headed towards the kitchen.

Tristan kissed his fiancé again, holding him close, his hands roaming everywhere. Zander was breathless. "Thanks mom," Zander called as Tristan hauled him towards the stairs.

"Zander and I will be celebrating upstairs if you need us! But please don't need us!" The couple heard Zander's mom laugh from the kitchen and he glared at Tristan.

His annoyance didn't last long though—Tristan's hands and lips had massive powers of persuasion.

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