The Book of the Immortal

Chapter 9

Genesis was laying on the floor thinking about the recent events that has happened. "Ok I find a baby dragon, I get attacked by elemental monstrosities and antromorfic beings, me and my friends get sucked into a portal into another world, I get turned into a dragon, and I am receiving hospitality from dragons that if they knew what I really was could kill me or eat me" Genesis thought to himself. "Tumious said he was sent by a guardian, I need to ask them about this guardian". While lost in thought he didn't notice Violet come in with a lamb in her mouth.

Violet dropped the lamb in front of Genesis snapping him into reality. "Here you go Genesis still fresh" Violet said. "Thank you Violet" Genesis said. He got on his belly and started to sniff the lamb not knowing how to eat it. "You know what you should take the first bite you bought it you should eat first" Genesis said. "I got it for you Genesis eat up" Violet said. "Let's eat it together that way I won't feel like I taking advantage of your kindness" Genesis said.

"Fine" Violet said. She layed on her belly and bite of a chunk of the lamb. Then Genesis dug his maw into the lamb and bit off a piece of meat. Genesis thought the meat would taste good since all the stories he read on the internet about humans turning dragon enjoyed eating raw meat, but when he started chewing it was nothing like that. The meat tasted terrible, so terrible that he almost threw up but forced himself to swallow. He could feel the piece of meat slide down his throat but felt like hurling chunks like no tomorrow.

Violet watch as Genesis ate, and was interested to know more about him, because of all the other dragon she dated usually gulp the meat not giving her a chance to eat herself, but with Genesis he was doing the complete opposite. In order to ignore the terrible taste he asks Violet " Violet do you know anything about the guardian". Violet then ripped out the heart of the lamb and swallowed it whole making Genesis feel even worse.

" I think you mean guardians" Violet replied while liking her lips of blood. "Guardians you sound like there are more than one" Genesis said. "Yea there are 4 guardians each representing and the primary elements" Violet said before digging into the lamb again. "The ambush messed up my head a bit can you explain to me what the guardians are and what they do" Genesis said while trying to hold the piece of meat he ate inside.

" Well there are 4 elements water, earth, fire, and wind" Violet explained. " Dragons with a pure shade of color can primarily control that element". "Blue goes to water, brown goes to earth, red goes to fire, and green for wind". "The guardians are each who control that primary element, and have mastered it to the fullest". "There job is to ensure that there is peace within the region, and if someone threatens the peace they will go and deal with it".

Genesis then asked " wait if a dragon is pure in color then how come your sister is green and blue". "That because my dad, Whirlwind is a wind dragon, and my mom is a water dragon" Violet explained. "Interbreeding with a dragon that's not your element is forbidden, and if one were to do it they will be exiled from the city of the guardians".

"Ok one last question" Genesis said. "Shoot away" Violet said. "You said that there are 4 elements represented by the 4 colors, but you are neither of the colors that you said there was , what element are you" Genesis asked. "It is simple I received the recessive genes of my parents, and that gave me my purple color, but it also allowed me to control all 4 elements even though I trained my body and mind more often than my powers".

Violet explained. Just as she finished Whirlwind came in and said "Its time Violet". Violet signed got upped and walked out, but not before saying to Genesis" I will be back to check on you". Just as she left Genesis hurled up the meat and whatever else was in his stomach. Genesis noticed a music note attached to a chain within the vomit. "What it this and was it doing inside of me" Genesis said to himself while cleaning the music note. He then saw it glow changing color every now and then. "Cool it's like a mood ring, but in a form of a necklace"

Genesis said. "But it smells and covered in chunks better go and get rid of the smell". Genesis then walked outside to the watering hole and started washing the necklace. Genesis then noticed a crowd of dragons gathering in one place so he finished cleaning the necklace and went to see what was going on. He pushed his way through the crowd and noticed Violet battling a brownish red dragon. "What are they doing" Genesis said to himself.

"They are doing the mating battle" a voice said from his side. Genesis turned his head and saw Waterwhirl and asked "What do you mean mating battle". "It's exactly as I said it was" Waterwhirl said. "You see if a dragon fall for a dragoness they have to prove themselves worthy to the dragoness in order to mate" Waterwhirl explained "After all dragons mate for life".

"What does that have to do with Violet battling the brownish dragon" Genesis asked. "Well for me they have to prove to me that they can care for me and make me happy, as for my sister" Violet said before the dragon was sent flying over the crowd. "One has to actually defeat her in battle to win her over, but as you can see that is not going to happen anytime soon".

"Interesting" Genesis said before turning to Violet. "Genesis you finished the lamb I got you" Violet said while cleaning herself of dirt. "You could say that" Genesis said. "Nice fighting out there". "Please that wasn't even a challenge" Violet said. "Come Genesis it's getting late and I don't feel like battling anymore". Violet said to Genesis while the crowd part from the area.

" I will take my leave also after all I have to choose a mate also" Waterwhirl said as she flew off. Genesis and Violet walked back to the house and Genesis noticed that he didn't clean upped the mess he made. "Sorry for making a mess in your house allow me to clean it up" Genesis said as he walked to the corpse. "There's no need for that Genesis" Violet said. Then she breath in and released a wave of fire incerating the corpse. "Dang that was cool" Genesis said.

"Yea sure" Violet said with a depressed tone while laying on her nest. Genesis noticing Violets depressed tone and asked "what's wrong Violet".

"It's a problem I have Genesis don't worry about it" Violet said. "True it is your problem, but I am one who has a need to fix or solve a problem allow me to help" Genesis said as he layed near the ashes of the lamb corpse. "Ok you know how I told you about my unique d.n.a" Violet said. "Yea the genes that allow you to control all 4 elements" Genesis said. "Well because of my unique genes dragons come far and wide to try to be my mate" Violet explained.

"Dragons coming all to be your mate to me it sounds like a good thing to me" Genesis said. "Normally yes but they just want to be my mate just to ensure that their kids have this unique abilities that I possess" Violet said. "I want a mate who will love me for me not for my genes, but that seems like that's not going to happen" Violet said with a tear running from her eye. Genesis saw this and went towards Violet, wiped the tear away with his claw and said "never say never I assure you that the perfect mate will come to you one day".

"Thanks Genesis now let's get to sleep you have to start your journey to find your friends" Violet said with a smile. Genesis walked to the other side of the room and layed down to go to sleep. What Genesis didn't notice was that Violet was watching Genesis fall to sleep and thought to herself "he cared for me and my problem, I wonder".

She closed her eyes and went to sleep for she was going to dream of the future. A future where she did find a perfect mate with a cluster of eggs ready to hatch. A future where Genesis was that perfect mate. Unfortunately Genesis was not going to get enough sleep tonight for his newly acquired necklace began to glow blue.

Then Genesis shadow stretched all the way to the watering hole. The water began to move and a figure formed from the water. It took the appearance of Genesis when he was a human, but wearing blue clothing and he said "Genesis it's time for your test". "The test to harness the power of water".