A smile filled with blood

A cloak draped with mud.

Crooked teeth and nose

Black silhouette with wicked pose.

Slender nails, dirtied eyes

The night filled with her cries.

She's the witch, you see

She takes children like you or me

She's creepy and crawly,

Dark and stanky,

Tall and trolling,

Mad and cranky.

I found her once in a gray cottage home.

Inside she was cooking with bubbles and foam.

She called me in, "Oh dear sweet child"

She roped me in with smile so mild.

"Little girl come here, I've something to show"

She led me in, all I saw was a crow.

"It screeches and caws"

"It flutters" she paused.

Her eyes grew wide right then and there

She leapt up and around the stair.

I faltered

She cackled,

I flew out the door with a sharp sounded crackle.

She followed me on the path

Rage fueling her wrath!

The trees flew by at record pace

She came up fast and my heart start to race.

She was right behind me, screaming now.

I stumbled out of the forest alive, but how?

All of a sudden, quiet and steady

I turned round slow, she was there a ready.

She let out a growl

A snarl, a howl

I stumbled, I fell

I knew this was Hell.

She swooped in close, her mouth in my ear

I trembled, I shook, I jumped in fear.

"Little girl, little girl"

"Small maiden of thé,

"Down by the brook go look by the tree,

"For there I have left not one gift, but three.

"You see, you are the only child to visit me.

"Although you were scared you have courage and wit.

"So go look under the oak, there a treasure so fit,

"You have passed the test!"

My heart danced in my chest!

I fell to the oak, dug into the soil.

I found a box covered in foil.

I opened it up, I thank the witch.

I will live with joy, for now I am rich.