(A/N: The other day I just happened to be thinking about depression and suicide. At one point I was suicidal and depressed and I know quite a few people that were too. I was able to stop my best friend from committing suicide a few years back. Since then things have gotten better for me and my friend too but this just happened to pop up in my head during one of my more vulnerable moments. I was able to overcome some of my problems but I also thought about the people who can't. This literally poured out of me. I hope it's able to help someone and they know that they are not alone.)

We know that life is riddled with problems

We spend our whole lifetime trying to solve them

Think about all the time it can take

Sometimes they leave you so empty inside, you break

Mistakes left in your wake and you feel worthless

Life gets the better of us and we lose our purpose

You look in the mirror and you don't see yourself

Your own reflection screaming at you, crying out for help

Someone asks you how are you and you say you're fine

Your one favorite over used line

You walk around hiding what's true

But all the cracks are starting to show through

And you can't take this anymore

Wishing you were never born

So you make decisions on what to do

Dropping little hints but no one picks up the clue

Until it's too late

But that isn't your only fate

I know it hurts to keep breathing

With the feeling that your life has no meaning

You're not alone and we're all the same

Dealing with hard situations and we're not to blame

For the thoughts that we give in to

Don't give up hope in finding meaning for you

There is so much to discover

A whole world that is yours to uncover

As long as your heart still beats

You have a purpose, please don't admit defeat

Ask and you will receive

Take my hand and I'll help, you just got to believe

There will always be bad days

The world closing in on you and you want to get away

You can pull through it and not give in

You have the determination to win

So when you look in the mirror again

And you can see your reflection letting you in

Make that determination in yourself unmistakable

Try to make your resolve unbreakable