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I walked down the crystal clean hallways without making eye contact with anyone. There were students fixing their outfits and putting on make-up, pointing and staring at me. They started laughing softly as I continued to walk away without changing my stoic expression.

"Karin!" I suddenly heard as I was glopped from behind.

"Good Morning, Yui." I said to the girl hanging on my shoulders.

"Good Morn!" She smiled goofily and got off of me. A girl a little smaller then Yui bowed respectfully and I bowed back at her.

"Good Morning, Reina."

"Boo~ you should greet us with more of a smile!" Yui pouted poking my cheeks. "At least flinch or something!"

"After being with her for more than a year, you should know that, that she will never change her expression, Yui-chan." Reina smiled.

"Why do you have to be so blunt, Reina!" Yui fake-cried out.

This school is filled with rich snobby kids and me being a scholarship student, makes me stand out, not that I care. You would expect that I would be hanging out with the only other two scholarship students but the other two are not people I do not enjoy being with. One of them is just like any other snobby student and the other just locks herself in her room or just stays in the library all day studying. I do not like to social a lot but Yui and Reina are exception, since they don't annoy me.

"KYAAAA~ HERE THEY COME!" We heard a huge squeal behind us as we were walking to class. Then the whole hallway burst into screams of girls. Yui just sweat-dropped and started to pull my arm.

"Come on, you guys. We should get out of here before-" She turned her head towards Reina who dropped all her things and started squealing like the other girls. Yui sighed and we both walked into our classroom before the famous 'Student Council' came.


"You guys are sooooo mean!" Reina pouted.

"Well, you were kind of busy." Yui answered and I just nodded.

"Still!" Reina continued. "They were soooo hot! I mean how could you not resist them!" She fangirled.

"Yup, the famous student council, the club with the most hottest guys on campus!" Yui sarcastically said.

"Is it really a club?" I asked.

"That's what I always thought. I mean the students never choose the members and only the headmaster has the ability to, what people call it, invite students into the council." Yui kind of sighed.

"I really don't get that system either." Reina admitted.

"Yea, there are some clubs where you have to be invited into, too." Yui said. "But, I don't know why the Fashion Club has that rule!"

"Oh, that's right, you want to join that club right?" Reina chuckled which made Yui blush a little. She then shook her head and recovered.

"But, there's one thing I don't like about the Student Council." Yui started.

"Okay, that's a lie." I said and she glared at me for interrupting.

"Anyway, do you realize there was never a girl in the council!?" Yui said.

"Now that you mention it, I believe there was never a female…" Reina pondered.

"Why does it really matter?" I asked. Yui then swished her head right at me, glaring.

"Do you know how insulting it is to us, girls!? Do they think that we're not good enough or something!?" Yui protested. "I demand we be heard!" She exclaimed.

I sighed and looked up when the class representative handed me a paper with red marks on it. I nodded with a thanks, but before I could look at it, Yui grabbed it from my hands.

"Another 100 as always, Karin-chan!" Reina praised as Yui almost crumpled my test paper.

"See! You may be the one to lead us to victory!" Yui exclaimed with fake sparkles surrounding her body. "You can get into the Student Council!"

"You just said I need an invitation. I can't just join." I said as I grabbed the paper out of her hand and neatly put it into my bag.

"But-" before she could continue the teacher walked in forcing us to return to our seats.


"Karin, hurry! I wanna go to the store!" Yui yawned and stretched as Reina stood beside her as always.

"Sorry, I'm almost done." I said but before I could finish, the door to our classroom opened. There stood a man in a black suit that the butlers in the school wear. He came walking towards us gracefully.

"Which one of you may be Miss Hoshimura Karin?" The man spoke and I came forward when I heard my name.

"I am Hoshimura." I said with no expression at all, like always. He just reached inside his coat and brought out an envelope and handed it to me. He then bowed and left.

"What did you receive?" Reina asked as I turned over the envelope.

The envelope had no words on it or anything. I gently opened it carefully. Inside was one piece of paper with a detailed border and pretty lettering in the middle.

"What does it say?" Yui said trying to peer over my shoulder.

"It just tells me to go to this room number. Nothing else." I showed her. "Do you know where that is?"

They both shook their heads. "This school is just way too big!"

I sighed and put the envelope in my bag. I just hoped this wasn't a letter from the headmaster.