8:08pm 27/6/13

I don't know why I'm writing this, bored I suppose and I'm sure I'm not the only teenage girl bitching and moaning about the holidays.

Yeah you heard me, holidays. I hate 'em, since I do nothing but maths and just stay at home and mope and have to look after my sis, whom is now watching futurama. (Is that even the correct spelling, I'm not sure)

And before anyone starts saying I'm an ungrateful morsel, I have a massive headache and honestly, spending three weeks doing algebra and ratios isn't fun.

My routine day of holiday

*Quoting the lyrics from Rapunzel*

7am the usual morning wake up

Actually woke up at 9am

A cup of coffee and pancakes later

Check my email then moan

Then I will recurse maths

And bang my head against the walls

And wonder when will my life begin…

Argh…. Honestly, I must have the most pathetic life of any teenage girl. All I do is sit in my room and read or study, and think about crushes whom really I should not be thinking at all. (You should know what I am)

Ok, I will stop my ranting here, did anyone even bother to read this. I suppose not. Oh well.