Scene 2: in front of an abandoned building. Enter Anna and Kane.

Kane- Woman we may not meet again, but allow me something to call you by. I'd like you to answer when I call out to you.

Anna- I go by many names and answer longingly to all. Surely the name you pick for me won't make a difference. I could be anyone and everyone, possibly a nostalgic name of an old flame or bittersweet love, or perhaps someone you wish to hate, I do not mind.

Kane- I have no names for a woman such as you.

Anna- Surely you have a name you are compelled to call upon me with.

Kane- None that are decent or feminine come to mind when I think of your sort.

Anna- Then call me aimlessly until you find one that would fit your preference.

Kane- My preference? A woman like you, right down to your garb, body and poor wretched soul could never, try as you may, but I implore you do not.

Anna- Fine, then I am Jane the poor helpless animal who lives in the forest, grazing with its herd, living in fear of being hunted.

Kane- Jane Doe? Is that truly that best you can come up with, Miss Doe?

Anna- Why yes Mr. Hunter, it is. (Aside) Beckenstein, the stage is set! I have found the man for hire that is to meet Lord Mabel. You may do my bidding as I take my leave.

|Enter Beckenstein holding a bird cage and gun.

Beckenstein- Aye, madam

Kane- (laughs) I should have known that a woman such as you who hides her face with a cloak of darkness would do something such as this to a man of the law.

Anna- The law? The law is just a façade; that you are not allowed to hide behind. You my good sir, should not ever look into a mirror for you just might find me, who is cloaked in darkness to hide my shame, hidden behind it.

Kane- So then what does that make you? A monster, a demon, a heathen sent from hades trying to fill your stock with more foul atrocious beings by stealing them through their mirrors?

Anna- (pause) Mirrors steal nothing from people, but glimpses. (Pause) This darkness is too bright to be your mirror…. This is a warning: your mirror is too bright to be your employer's mirror and you must look into your own to survive his.

Kane- Why warn me now, when I am to meet my end at your hand?

Anna- This is not your end, but rather a new beginning, to a story that you must survive from, (aside) supposing my assumptions will all prove to be correct. (to Beckenstein) lower your hand and give this man the courier bird we arranged.

Kane- I see. You wish for me to conspire against my employer for your own filthy gain.

Anna- Nothing of that sort. That bird is yours for the keeping, should you find you need assistance, set it free and it will find me.

Kane- With all due respect, I do not need help, especially not from a woman and her dog.

Anna- I have no more to tell you. I shall take my leave and so shall my dog, but the bird shall stay. It is no longer mine.

|Anna exits.

|Beckenstein exits.

Kane- (shouts) I may never have seen your face, but I heard you voice and I will not forget this unpleasant encounter. (Aside) she must be a cold imposing woman who sees that things, even the stars, must follow her will. She will grow into one fine spinster. (To bird) look on! Watch your master leave you to starve! Imposing you on to me without assurance I shall keep you. Don't look at me with such blank eyes! (the one o'clock bell rings) I must now take my leave!

|Kane exits.