an: I know i said that I would have this in like two months ago, well it's not because it was not finished I just don't like some of the content since it feels like an over used cliché...but I have to get over it since that is the way I decided to write this. (By the way I changed kane's last name to Chaucer a while back I Don't know if that note would help)


Scene 5:

Enter Lord Mabel in his study seated signing documents.

|enter Jace

Jace-your storage house in Bensons' street has been burned down, the officers should be here any minute.

Lord Mabel- why aren't they here now?

Jace-there was a certain complication…

Lord Mabel- Speak no more, and retrieve Mr. Adler.

Jace-you may want to know that—

Lord Mabel- Retrieve Mr. Adler that is an order.

Jace-of-of course, milord.

|exit Jace

Lord Mabel- That little wench. This is her doing. I should have killed her.

|enter Mr. Adler

Mr. Adler- You called, My Lord.

Lord Mabel- Yes, close the door. This is to be a private conversation. (Mr. Adler closes the door) release all the attendants, besides yourself for the entirety of this week and allow no one entry.

Mr. Adler- What for?

Lord Mabel- Nothing, if we are lucky. (Someone knocks on the door) Enter.

|enter Page

Page - (Bows) Sorry for the disturbance, but you have a visitor, My Lord.

Lord Mabel- What visitor? I have no social gatherings, or meetings for today.

Page - A rather impatient Lord Bennett, he refused our request to have him wait in the parlor. He is currently behind the door and only chooses to give you this courtesy.

Lord Mabel- …Very well, allow him entry.(He puts his Feather down and Page opens the door and beacons Lord Bennett inside)

|enter Lord Bennett

Lord Bennett- Where is she?

Lord Mabel- No pleasantries. You must be distressed, take a seat. (Aside to Page) bring this man some pleasantries, he came a long way to arrive here.

Lord Bennett-where is my daughter?

Lord Mabel- As you can see she is not here.

Lord Bennett-where is she then?!

Lord Mabel- I'm not her captor, I have no idea where she is.

|enter Jace

Jace-there's another one, milord.

Lord Mabel- he can wait, can't you see I'm with a guest?

Jace -said he brings news from the little Lady.

Lord Mabel- ….very well, let him enter. (to Page)

|exit Page

as you can see I must also gain knowledge of her whereabouts. Rejoice I allow you to hear of her.

Lord Bennett-dammed parlor tricks is what that is.

Lord Mabel-(to Jace) please exit for now and wait for that other guest.

|exit Jace

|enter Page

|enter Beckonstien

Beckonstien-Milord Bennett, what brings you?

Lord Bennett-where is Anne

Beckonstien-she went to eat with companions, last I checked.

Lord Bennett-is she safe?

Beckonstien-aye, milord.

Lord Bennett-if she alive and well why aren't you with her?

Beckonstien-I thought this was an unsafe place for her.

Lord Bennett-…as long as she remains unharmed….

Lord Mabel- her betrothed must have some very handsome ties and power for you to go so far for her.

Lord Bennett- So you have already heard of that. Please learn to ignore things that do not concern you.

Lord Mabel- …if you tell me what you will gain, I will more than double it to have her

Lord Bennett- but you are already wed and—

Lord Mabel- I never stated she would be for my wife.

Lord Bennett- and I never stated I would hand her over.

Lord Mabel- it cannot be a man of the much wealth and honor, since she is only a bastard child left on your doorstep.

Lord Bennett- she is more than that and is fully accepted as a legitimate child of the Bennett house.

Lord Mabel- all these years of denying it and the truth finally slips out of your grasp.

Lord Bennett- her betrothed already know.

Lord Mabel-her betrothed is a fool.

Lord Bennett- do not dishonor your prince and do your best to not dishonor your to be queen.

Lord Mabel- the prince wed the bastard child of the rebel Bennett's.

Lord Bennett- His father fears of our invasion after his imminent death, not only that he fears he has not taught the lad well enough to hold up a battle let along a war.

Lord Mabel- …and a bastard child will stop that? All he needs is a good advisor and to be reeducated.

Lord Bennett- a good advisor cannot protect against us and the Martellies.

Lord Mabel- the Martellies, those traitorous bastards, why would they help you with your rebellion?

Lord Bennett-it is not our rebellion, it is a rebellion of the people, we are just assisting, greatly.

Lord Mabel- and the people will not turn on you?

Lord Bennett-why would they? Our region is the richest and most prosperous

Lord Mabel-and what good would this marriage do for the country?

Lord Bennett-subside the rebellion, spread our prosperity and my wife's people the Martellies will respect it.

Lord Mabel-but that child isn't hers, they won't accept your bastard having more power and her son fading into history.

Lord Bennett-his first choice would have been my son, but the king only has sons and my wife never bore me daughters. And our son would also benefit from this, he will be knighted and will live out his life in the comfort.

|enter Jace

Jace –he's here.

Lord Mabel-keep him busy for a little while as I speak to my guest

|exit Jace

Beckonstien-I know it is not my place to interject but I must go to other destinations and only came to deliver this message directly to Lord Mabel.

Lord Mabel-yes, yes give it to me (Beckonstien hands the letter to him) you are both free to go. (aside to Page) get them out immediately.

Lord Bennett-why are you doing this? (he gets escorted out by Page) What are you not telling me?

Lord Mabel-It is of private affairs, affairs that were to be smoothed out before you barged in.

|exit Beckonstien

|exit Lord Bennett

|exit Page

Lord Mabel-(to Mr. Adler)release everyone who works here and get two horses ready. (Adler almost leaves) wait I almost forgot, tell Jace to bring in the company he's been entertaining.

Mr. Adler- certainly.

|exit Mr. Adler

Lord Mabel-(He sighs)it is almost complete, just one more guest. One more person to entertain and fend off. (someone knocks on the door) Please enter.

|enter Officer

Officer-Lord Mabel I have grave news to tell you.

Lord Mabel-yes, yes my storage house has been burned down, but as you can tell right now I'm too busy to go visit it.

Officer-it seem to be more than just arson as all others have been… there was a woman burned in the fire, we don't know who she is but she must be upper-class, with the amount of jewelry that was on her.

Lord Mabel-any other clues to who she is?

Officer-not really, but we did find a suitcase that was filled with chard women's clothing.

Lord Mabel-… I can only think of one unaccounted for upper- class woman in—

Officer- Lady Bennett! I will send a man to speak with Lord Bennett right away. We will keep you informed on the progress of the case.

Lord Mabel-as far as I can see the fire was due to the murder not my storage house that is rarely used.

Officer- right, even so we will inform you once we find the culprit.

Lord Mabel-thank you very much officer.

|exit Officer

Lord Mabel-these halls are so busy, racing alongside my mind. So much is happening and so little I can do to cover my plague.

|enter Mr. Adler

Mr. Adler-What is a police officer doing here?

Lord Mabel-the storage house on Benson's street was burned by the arsonist.

Mr. Adler-that boy is becoming more and more troublesome, I would love to watch him hanged.

Lord Mabel-boy?

Mr. Adler-who else would do this? I say he is no older than late twenties with his disregard for consequences.

Lord Mabel-that is a great guess, but I'm certain he is quite the opposite. Now are the horses ready?

Mr. Adler-yes.

Lord Mabel-then get the suitcase from under my bed and bring reighthbart we are going to the address Mr. Chaucer gave us.

Mr. Adler-will your level suffice?

Lord Mabel-that does not matter.

Mr. Adler-and, before I go why a suitcase?

Lord Mabel-we are going to Santos, from there we are sailing to Edinburgh, I have a few associates that can help us there.

Mr. Adler-what did the letter say?!

Lord Mabel-I haven't read it yet, what does it matter what it says?

Mr. Adler-if it doesn't matter, may I read it?

Lord Mabel-since when were you able to read?

Mr. Adler-lady Mabel, taught me few words.

Lord Mabel-(aside)she was always too kind to the help. (to Mr. Adler)we need to get going now, I'll meet you in the courtyard and tell you the paraphrased version.

Mr. Adler-No need. I will have them taken to the horses immediately.

|exit Mr. Adler

(Lord Mabel reads the letter and throws it in the trash)Rubbish, nothing but rubbish.