We're killing. Killing them. They're dying. At my hands. I did this. I did this all. I did this to them. I hurt their families. I didn't help them, I told them I would, I told her...

I lied to them all. I'm an awful person.

I look at their burnt bodies, their small, small bodies. Their white skin is black with soot and flames.

My brother is at my side, he smiles like he's proud of killing innocent people. My brother, he doesn't like to call them people. He wipes sweat off his brow, and says, "Hey, bro, it's kinda hot by this fire,"

I look at him. He's sitting on a fallen log, cleaning his sword. The sword he killed with. I glare at him. He sees and asks, "What ya lookin' at?" I say nothing, I wash the ash off my face and sit down next to my brother. "Mark," I say. He looks at me with his blue puppy eyes and his dirty blond hair. I feel like he's just a copy of me, us being twins and all, but we're so different. "What does it feel like to kill?" I say. I emphasize 'kill'. He stares at his sword for a while. I think of all the flesh his sword has torn, all the lives it has ended, the sadness of it all hits me hard. I try to hold in tears from my eyes. Mark sighs and says, "It's hard when you first do it, but it gets easier, and you kinda just forget what you done, but when ya think 'bout it, it all comes back at ya and you feel bad and..." He stops. I stare at him in confusion and then I see myself in his sword, I'm crying. I'm crying like a big wimp. He put his arms around me and softly says, "It's awright, bro, it's awright,"

He's taller than me, my own twin is taller than me. I laugh into his arms, he smiles. I see a faint sadness in the smile. "Mike, ya gonna grow up just like ma said da was like, yer gonna be a sweet guy," He says with a wide smile, hiding the hurt he has inside. We forget about what we say and we eat our lunch, in front of the bodies. Their eyes, their dead eyes stare at us. Mark doesn't seem to care, but I don't like it. I see one body that stands out from the rest. It's a female, she's wearing a green polka-dot sweater and dark blue skinny jeans. She looks so normal, she even has brown hair, real hair. Her ma or pa must've been a human or sumthing like that, I think. Mark grabs my arm, hard. He makes a red spot on my skin, "Ow, Mark!" I yell in pain. He keeps holding my arm, I see in his eyes, fear, I think. He's afraid, but of what?

Mark moves his face towards my ear and whispers, "Run" I listen, without a second thought, I run.

I don't even turn to see if Mark was at my side or what I'm running from. I don't think 'bout anything. I just run. Like the wimp I am. I hear Mark yelling, not at me, but at whatever came.

I stop and hide behind a tree and listen,

"What're ya doing here? Yer early," Mark says.

"You know why I'm here, tell me where he is," The other voice says. It's deep, but I can hear worry in its voice. I can hear Mark spit. "I won't give him to filth like you!" Mark shouts. He's voice is full of rage and concern But, who is he concerned for? Me? I hear a loud sound of flesh being torn and a scream. "Mark!"I say, worried. I run out of behind the tree and I see Mark.

Bloodied with the bodies, the ones we killed. The ones we burned. I run to Mark's body, he's still breathing, I smile a little bit. "Thank god!" I say to myself. I rip off Mark's shirt to see his wounds.

I gasp when I see them. I need to get him to a doctor, quick. I pick Mark up, it's hard because I'm weak and he weighs more. I run and run and run and keep running until I get back to town.

I stop myself, I see fire rising from the house, the smell of humans being burned alive. I drop to my knees. Sobbing. Big crybaby, whaa, whaa! I hear my father's voice in my head. The hate, the hurt, it hurts so much. I'm such an awful person, such an awful, awful person. I let everyone down. My da, my ma, even my own damn brother. They died because of me! "Mike?" I hear a soft female voice say. I turn and see. It's one of the people we've burned, the one I told I would save her people, I fail. I can't stand to see her smooth face. She takes her long rubber-like fingers and touches

my face. "Aro," I say in an almost whisper. "Mike," She says, her small mouth forms into a smile. I forget about Mark's death, I forget about killing those innocents, I'm lost in her soft smile, in her love. I smile a big dumb smile.

I smile after my brother died, I stand next to his body, smiling, I'm an awful person. She embraces me, her limbs wrapped around me and her face touching mine. We start to kiss and it's wonderful, but then there's a scream. "Mike," She says like it's the only word she knows. I let go of her and I know I will regret it. I run toward the scream, leaving Aro to stay safe. I smile, thinking about what brother would've said about Aro.

I frown, I was gonna tell Mark about us, but he died. He died, and I lived. I should have been the one to die. He should have lived. I look back at Aro. I look at her smooth, white body. Her face, bald yet beautiful, her black eyes stare at me. I smile at the clothes she wears, an old tee-shirt that says 'I support Francis Goodenough!' She wraps her long bony arms around herself to try to stay warm. I continue to follow the scream. I worry about Aro the whole time I run, I worry and worry until my head hurts. The screams get louder. I jump over the ruins of the houses that Francis Goodenough name feels heavy with hatred. That evil man, he killed everyone who didn't follow him. My da was a smart man, he didn't follow him. He wasn't a warrior. He didn't want to kill people, even if they were guilty of the crimes that Mr. Goodenough accused them of. This time I hear the scream clearly. I see the one who is screaming, a young girl, her hair is in ponytails and her knees are covered in dirt and blood.

I kneel down to her face, so we can see eye to eye. I put my hand down next to her shoeless foot. "Are you alright?" I ask softly. She stares at me, her eyes. They remind me of my brother's. I feel a sadness sink into me, but I hide it. I smile to try to make the child feel safer. She rubs her thumbs together and whispers, "I'm fine, mister," she looks at me with her big blue eyes. "Did you see what happened?" I ask. She gasps and starts rocking back and forth. "They hurt me, they hurt my mom, hurt my dad and brother, bad, we got hurt! And them didn't do nothing to help!" She screams. She keeps screaming that last bit. I grab her arms roughly and say, "Who didn't help?" She stares at me. She calms down and says so quietly, "They weren't good enough," She begins to sob. I hug her. She holds on tight and I pick her up. I carry her back to Aro. Back to where Aro was. I search for her and can't find her. "Aro!" I yell. Scaring the child a little. She looks up at me and says, "Aro?" I smile. She wipes her little blue eyes with her dirty hands. "Aro is my... girlfriend," I say. I laugh a little, I haven't even thought of Aro as my girlfriend. The child smiles and I let her go. "You have a girlfriend? Where is she?" The girl asks. I frown, "I wonder that myself, but before I tell you everything about me, how 'bout you tell me your name?" I ask. The girl, she rubs her thumbs together again.

I think about my brother again, a deep sadness hits me in the gut and I sit down, remembering Mark.

I remember when Mark got that scar on his knee, he fell down on the ice. He was playing around.

It was my fault, but ma never knew. Mark got in trouble and I didn't. I remember what Mark said to me that day, 'It ain't your fault, it was mine for listening to you.' I always smiled at that. I still do. Then I remember that the girl is still here and Mark's dead and Aro's missing. I frown. I hear a faint noise and I realize that it's the girl saying her name. "Dawn," Her name is Dawn. I smile and say, "My favorite time of day." She giggles and hugs my leg, and she looks so sad. Then I realize that she's sad because she sees Mark's dead body. I cover my mouth and start hyperventilating, a word I learned from my brother. He never said it though, he always wanted to seem dumb. Dawn tugs on my pant leg, her young face full of worry. I try to stay calm, but my brother, he's there, dead. And I finally know I'm never gonna see him again, 'cause I ain't good enough.

I worry about Mike, while he is gone. I frown looking at his brother, the wounds that there are, are bad. Very bad. No doctor could have saved him, he was lost. I hope that Mike will be alright. I sit on the dry ground, the scent of fire reeks. I stare down at the clothing Mike had given me. It enrages me. That terrible man, Francis Goodenough! He made Mark and Mike kill my people, my family, my life... I wipe away the watery tears flowing from my eyes. I wrap my arms around myself, I still hear the screams, but they are quieter now. I worry for him, and I stare at Mark again. I stare and stare and cry. Mike's only brother, the only family he had left is gone. Just like my family. I hear loud footsteps and I jump up, hoping it to be Mike, but no, no it isn't Mike it's-

I ain't good enough, not good enough! I can't stop it, I'm saying it out loud now. Dawn's face, it's full of hurt and fear and - "I ain't good enough," I say. It's not my voice coming out of my mouth, it's someone else's. And Dawn is already crying. I fall down and all my questions are left unanswered.

I'm dead, I think. But when I look around, I see I am in a hospital. And I am on a cold metal bed, and when I look closer I see that the walls have many cracks in them and I see a painting. A painting of a field with a young boy smiling. And a door creaks open, a woman holding a clipboard walks in. Her high heels click on the hard floor and she opens her mouth and starts talking but all I hear is 'You're dead' over and over again. But then my ears start to make a loud ringing sound and I hear, "Are you listening?" I shake my head, "What did you say?" I ask. She rolls her eyes and gives me the clipboard. I read it and it says 'Micheal Naples. Age: 14. Male. Damage to the parietal bone and slight damage to the left inter phalangeal hand joints.' I don't bother to read the rest. "What does all this mean?" I ask the lady. She laughs, "Like you would understand." I rub my head and feel cloth. I gasp, I realize that it's a bandage. She grabs my arm roughly and says through gritted teeth, "Don't touch that." I move my hand down and look at it. I see that my hand also is covered in bandages. And then I think, "Where's Dawn?!" I say worried. The woman stares at me and finally says, "Who's Dawn?"

I don't know where Mike is, but he isn't here. I worry about him, I worry a lot, if Mike were here he would say I worry too much and that he can take care of himself. But, that's what worries me. I worry he can take care of himself, but can he take care of others? That is when he walks in the room. "Good morning, have you been fed well?" He asks. I glare at him, with anger. I hate that man so much. He sighs and grabs a chair and sits on it. He sits on it backwards. I turn my head to the side to say that I am confused. I will not speak to this man. I do not speak to evil. He doesn't notice or he doesn't care. "Did you know that in 2080 a man named Clark Harris had changed the whole world?" I shake my head 'no'. He smiles and continues to speak, "He changed it by killing my great great great grandfather, not that I mind, but everyone who was ever born from anyone who knew or married Clark or had children with someone with his DNA will die and will be killed by me, Frank Goodenough!" He yells, he yells this, he keeps smiling though. And then, then I see what he is planing, he is going to kill Mike.

I jump out of my hospital bed. "Where's Dawn?!" I yell. "Calm down!" The woman says. She injects something into my arm making me fall and feel very dizzy. "A-aro," I say before I fall.

I wake. And my room is empty, again. I try to sit up but I feel so heavy. I miss Aro. I left Dawn alone, all alone. I hear the door open. I look up and this time it's a man. "How are you feeling, Micheal?" He asks.

"W-where's Dawn?" I say. He ignores me and continues to look at something. "What are you lookin' at?" I ask. He grins and grabs a chair to sit in. "We found out that you have mechanics inside your blood streams that will attack your brain, we're trying to fix it, but we don't have such technology," He says. I frown, Mechanics? I think. I look closer at the man, I see he wears a name tag that says 'Hello my name is: Dr. Sweet'. He wears glasses and has wavy brown hair, and has freckles. He smiles a friendly smile and waves his hands in front of me. "Earth to Micheal!" He says with a snigger. "Who are you people?" I finally ask. And Dr. Sweet's smile fades away. And he calls in two others. They're women and one has red hair and the other is a blonde. "Nurse Rosa, Nurse Mary Ann, this is Micheal Naples," He says. I wave limply at the nurses. They frown and whisper to each other. "What are you whispering?" I hiss. They stare at me. "It's just... you're the one Goodenough is looking for," The red haired nurse says. My eyes widen. "Why would Goodenough be looking for me?" I wonder if Aro knows anything about this.

"Lovely day, isn't it, my dear?" Frank Goodenough says. I am full of disgust when he calls me his dear. I hiss at him. He slaps me, hard. And he enjoys it. "Mr. Hand! Come in here!" He shouts. A man with dark skin walks in. He has long arms like mine. But he wears a helmet, so I cannot see his face. "Yes, sir?" He says, his voice small and unfitting. Frank motions for Mr. Hand to take his helmet off. Mr. Hand gasps, "But, sir-" Frank scowls at him. Mr. Hand takes off his helmet and I see that he is one of my people.

"Beat her, Mr. Hand, beat her until she cries for her Micheal!" Frank yells. Mr. Hand frowns, but listens to Franks and he kicks me, blood flies out of my mouth. He keeps beating me, until Frank Goodenough leaves. "I am sorry," Mr. Hand says. His hand open and stretched out for me to grab. He helps me stand, "Why did you help me?" I ask. He smiles and says, "Because we are the same,"

"We are not the same at all!" I spit. Mr. Hand sits and frowns. Mr. Hand gives me some papers and leaves. I gasp when I see the papers, they are the written plans to kill Mike.

I look up to say something to Mr. Hand, but he is already gone. "Thank you, Mr. Hand," I whisper to the empty air.

I hide the papers and Frank Goodenough comes in. "How are you? Crying out for your Mike?" Frank says with a large grin. I rub my bruised cheek. Frank looks closer at my bruises and throws his chair at the wall. "Mr. Hand, you damn idiot!" He yells. I hear a beep and see that it is a button on Frank's coat. He presses the flashing button and I hear Francis Goodenough's voice. Before I could hear what he was saying, Frank leaves the room. And I sleep and dream of Mike.

Dr. Sweet has let me walk around the hospital garden. I sit among the colorful flowers on the warm bench. The golden sun shines on me. Birds chirp and fly with their families. And I cry. I miss them, I miss my ma. I miss my da and I miss my twin brother! I have no family anymore, all I have is Aro and I can't even take care of her. I sigh and press my palm against my head. The pain pills are wearing off. I frown and begin to walk back to my hospital room. The walk is calm and peaceful and I try not to think of my family. I wonder why Goodenough was looking for me. I walk under the purple Jacaranda trees. And take small steps on the cracked cement path. I hear a snapping sound behind me. I spin around and I see a figure in black. The figure begins to laugh and slowly unsheathes their sword. My eyes widen with fear, I have no chance of winning this battle. The person run towards me and I scream. The person stops and retreats. "Wait! Why attack and then leave?" I yell. They laugh again and say, "You're too weak, I want to have a little more of a challenge." Before I could say anymore, the person disappeared just as they had arrived. I quickly run back to Dr. Sweet. I don't pay any more attention to the scenery. I pant and sweat when I find Dr. Sweet. "What is it, Micheal? Why are you so sweaty? Were you running?" He asks. I ignore his questions and gasp, "A- a person a-attacked me!" Dr. Sweet's forehead wrinkles with worry. "Did you see the person? What did they look like? Did they hurt you? Did they say anything to you?" Dr. Sweet asks in a very worried tone. "Yeah, I saw them, but I couldn't see what they looked like and no, they didn't hurt me and all they said was they were gonna wait 'til I was better to beat me up," I say, still panting. And my vision blurs and I hear a distorted voice and I faint. I wake in my hospital room, Dr. Sweet sits by my bed. His eyes closed and glasses in his hands.

I roll to my side. And stare at the sleeping doctor. A nurse walks in and sees him. "Dr. Sweet?" She says, her voice tiny and squeaky. Dr. Sweet's eyes slowly opens and sees the nurse,."Barbara, what are you doing here?" Dr. Sweet says with a yawn. The nurse, Barbara, turns the TV on.

"Breaking news! Francis Goodenough has been committed to the hospital, his son, Frank Goodenough, will have to take over his power! Back to you, John," The news woman says with too much makeup.

"Francis Goodenough in the hospital?!" Dr. Sweet shouts, scaring the other patients. "In this hospital?" I say with a slight gasp. Dr. Sweet frowns. He rubs his eyes and put his glasses back on. "Yes, in this hospital, it's the only hospital left besides all those little town doctors," Dr. Sweet says with a very serious face. I stare at him, I stare at his freckled friendly face. Dr. Sweet sighs, "Micheal, there are things that you need to know." I stare blankly. Dr. Sweet starts to walk away and I follow him. "Micheal, what I am about to show you will answer all you questions," Dr. Sweet says, smiling. We continue to walk down the long, long hallway and finally Dr. Sweet stops and opens a white door. Inside is dark and there's only one light. The light shines on a lone chair. "Sit," Dr. Sweet says. I do as he says and sit. Dr. Sweet walks back and forth. "Micheal, do you know a... girl named Aro?" He asks. I gasp and rub my hands together. "I-I do," I say, my voice quiet. Dr. Sweet slightly frowns. "What do you know about her?" My nails dig into the palm of my hand, making it bleed. Dr. Sweet sighs, "Micheal, they really want me to get information out of you, but..." He pauses and helps me up from the chair. "But, I don't want to tell them anything," Dr. Sweet says. His hands on my shoulders, he begins to cry, "Y-you remind me of my s-son," He says, crying but with a smile. Dr. Sweet leads me out of the room. His tears are gone and he walks calmly down the hallway once again. I break silence, "Who are 'they'? I ask. Dr. Sweet stops. He looks at me. "They are..." Dr. Sweet says and checks to see if anyone is around. "They are a secret service for Frank Goodenough..." Dr. Sweet pauses just as a nurse comes by. The nurse sees him and says, "Dr. Sweet! You are needed in room D56!" Dr. Sweet frowns, "Can't you ask Dr. Dunstan?" The nurse grabs Dr. Sweet's arm and drags him to the room. I follow them, so I don't get lost in the large hospital. The nurse's face is wrinkled with worry. I see inside the room is Francis Goodenough. I cover my mouth. I have never seen Francis Goodenough in person. I have always seen him on TV. I rarely got to watch Television because we were poor, but on the few days when Francis Goodenough had something to say. We would go out and watch the TVs in the stores. That was before Francis took TVs away from the poor. I stare at Francis laying in his bed. He looks so old and pale. I walk into the room. Dr. Sweet softly grabs my arm and says, "I think it would best if you wait outside, Micheal." Francis Goodenough's head slightly turns to see who is talking. He reaches for the doctor, but grabs me. I tug his hands off of my pant leg. "F-f-Frank!" Francis Goodenough yells before I am pushed out of the room. I see Dr. Sweet shut the door.

"Shush, Mr. Goodenough, you'll be alright," I hear Dr. Sweet say and then I hear a scream.

I wake to the smell of eggs and bacon. I walk sleepily towards the smell. I see the one who is making the food is Frank Goodenough, he smiles when he sees me. "Why hello! I made you breakfast!" He says with a unsettling glee. I rub my eyes and yawn. Frank puts some eggs and bacon onto a shiny plate and hands it to me. "F-for me?" I say. Frank laughs, "That's the first time you spoke to me!"

I glare at him and sit down at a small wooden table. Frank walks to the table. He sets his food down and sits. "My father, I'm sure you know him well, is in the hospital," Frank says, his face blank and his green eyes looking down. I slowly eat my food. Frank frowns at me. "Aro..." He says and leans towards me. His face getting closer to mine. "What are you doing?!" I yell. He stops and stands up. "Damn you, bitch!" He shouts. Grabbing my shoulders roughly, "You're going to suffer!"

I cry, I try not to, but I cry.

Dr. Sweet walks out, his gloves covered with blood. "W-what happened?" I ask. Dr. Sweet says nothing and takes the gloves off. "I saved an awful person's life," He says. I frown a little and say, "But, you saved a life, no matter who's it was, you still saved a life." Dr. Sweet smiles and hugs me. His white coat stained with red blood. And he wipes his eyes dry. He stands up tall and takes my hand. We walk endlessly through the hallways. He leads me to my room and tells me to stay there until he says to leave. I lay on the bed. I wrap the white sheets around me. And close my eyes, and I forget about everything and dream. A man, with a red beard throws me into a dark cold room. I scream for Dr. Sweet, but he doesn't hear me. I look around and see dead bodies everywhere. I keep looking and more keep appearing. And now the whole floor is covered with dead bodies. They grab me and drag me under the ground. I open my eyes once again and see a glowing red light below me. I keep falling and falling and I finally hit the ground. All around me is lava and skulls. I back up against a rock and hug my kneels and whisper to myself, "This isn't real, none of this is real," I feel a hand touch my forehead. I squeak a little. And I feel the coolness of the hand, but I see no one. I open my eyes and see a bright white light. I see three blurry figures, "Mike?" One says. My vision clears and I see that the people standing over me are Dr. Sweet, an alien doctor and nurse. I gasp and back up against the rock, but it isn't a rock it's the wall. And there's no lava or skulls. It was all a dream, I think. Dr. Sweet looks at the other doctor and says something in a foreign language. I reach out to Dr. Sweet and grab his necktie. Dr. Sweet coughs and takes my hands off his tie. "Mike, what are you doing?!" He says, angrily. I stare blankly at him. He frowns and puts his cold hand on my sweaty forehead. "Mike, you're running a fever," He says. I smack his hand away, "I'm not sick!" I hiss. The other doctor rubs his head and says with a thick accent, "He die if no medicine." His smooth face is wrinkled with worry.