"'Sup, Porcelain?"

Oliver looked up from the food he was poking at with his fork, "Oh...Hey, Ash..." He said forlornly, looking back down.

The girl raised an eyebrow, dropping her lunch tray down on the table and sitting beside him, "Something wrong?"

Oliver sighed, "I don't want to bother you with my problems, Ashley..."

"Ah, C'mon, Hummel," She urged, nudging him lightly with her elbow.

Oliver gave her a questioning look.

Ashley shrugged, "With the big, innocent, Bambi-eyes, pale skin, and pink-dusted cheeks, you're a perfect fit."

Rolling his eyes, Oliver continued to poke at his untouched lunch.

"Hey, come on, what's wrong?"

Sighing, Oliver explained, "Neil just seems distant, lately. I mean, I still get little 'I love you' texts, and all that, but...I don't know...We haven't even kissed for a few months, which upsets me..."

Ashley started laughing, "Is that all?"

"Well...Honestly, no...We've haven't exactly been...Er...He hasn't felt like..."

"Fooling around?"

Oliver turned pink. "It sounds so trashy when you say it like that...But...Yes, and I miss the feeling of him being so...so close to me..."


He glared at her.

"Calm down, Doll-Boy, I'm only messing with you. Besides, I've got something that may help," Ashley said, giving him a pat on the shoulder.

Oliver scoffed, "What could you possibly have that would help me?" He turned away.

"No need to get all sassy-diva on me."

"Sorry, instinctive..."

Ashely nodded understandingly, and smiled, "I call it, A.G.T.L."

That forced Oliver to turn around, with the most confused face he could muster, "...Excuse me?"

"A.G.T.L.; 'Ashley's Guide To Love'," She explained.

This time Oliver laughed, "I'm sorry, Ash, but...Since when do you know about love?"

"Since I had a lot of admirers in the past. Plus, you always force me to watch musicals and rom-coms with you; I've got a good idea of love."

"Ash, I really don't-"

She shook her head, "You're not getting out of this one, Lady Miller. Besides, it's a simple 10-step plan that I have the utmost confidence will work."

He sighed, "How many times have you used this?"

"None. You're my first customer."

"Oh, joy..."