There was a sound of rustling papers in response to the booming voice. The door opened confidently as an elderly lady, dressed in a black and white polka dotted dress, walked into the room. Her hair was pulled back in a neat black bun with grey racing stripes all over.

"Yes William?" she asked, walking over to his desk; her glasses subtly bouncing up and down against her chest as they hung from a beaded string.

"Do you know—do you understand what this paper ensues?" questioned the man in the ostentatious leather chair, his voice merely trembling from irritation.

"Yes William, I read it over, as you requested."

William tapped his heavy ring finger against the mahogany wood of his desk, his eyes focused on the addressee: Dean Thomas. After a moment, he stopped and raised his eyes from the paper to the lady standing before him.

"Do you understand my dilemma?"

Margaret shifted uncomfortably. She had read the letter twice, and frankly, she agreed with its proposition.

"Yes," Margaret continued, "however, William, I think it's time you concurred."

William—who was confident Margaret would alleviate his problems and see eye to eye—raised his head to her with shock.

"You," he took in a breath, "Margaret, you have been along my side since I have begun leading this academy. You were also here when my father was Dean. You know what this academy stands for and how it's been governed—"

"Yes, exactly, Sir. I am aware of the principles this academy was brought up on. I am also aware it took a lot of convincing and time to allow for even woman administrators."

"Which only occurred because you agreed to be my father's mistress," William noted, a questioning eyebrow raised to his secretary.

"A mistake I made, but regardless, this school was improved because your father made the decision to employ us women. I believe it's time you allowed for female student enrollment. As the letter states, it would most definitely improve the responsibility and character of these boys."

William laughed more to himself, "I never prohibited female enrollment."

"Yes, but it's not encouraged, and the few that have applied, have not been accepted."

"Because those few did not reach our standards," he explained.

Margaret smiled, "We both know that's not true. William, I read the letter, and, also like you requested, I did not manage to find any loopholes. If you would like to maintain this academy, I'm afraid you're going to have to comply. It's all about equality nowadays."

"That will not happen Margaret. It is unacceptable."

"You're being stubborn William. There isn't any way you can keep this academy like so, not when you have such a letter in your hand. Maybe you can build a sister academy?"

William scanned his eyes over the letter for the hundredth time. He was not going to build a sister academy, nor was he going to enroll females.

"Margaret," William slowly smiled, his eyes glued to a word his finger was currently pointing to, "I may not be able to handle the enrollment of females, but I most definitely can handle the enrollment of a female."

Margaret leaned over the table, her head tilted as she located the singular word. She picked the letter out from under his hand, and re-examined it.

"It's a typo William, the grammar isn't right; it's supposed to be females."

"Yes, Margaret, I am aware; but the contract says female and that is what I am agreeing to."

"They won't allow it Sir."

"I think they will. You see, they'll view it as a starting point to the transformation of this academy. One female, I can allow for one female."

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