The bond between sisters is uniquely strange
It will always stays the same, even when everything else will change

Together we laugh and cry, fight and argue
but even after fist-fights we still say 'I love you'

We are different and yet we are the same
We only two halves with different names

We know each other better than all others
we're closer than friends, even more than brothers

We really don't do each other's hair
but we both know we care

We aren't sweet or girly, we aren't sugar and spice
but when we want something, we can be nice

People say that we don't act like two peas in a pod
others call us odd

We don't care, they don't matter, and we don't mind
we both know our bond is one of a kind

We're close, even when we're apart
we love each other deeply with all our hearts

If you prick one of us, both of us will bleed
we're always there for another when we are in need

No one can get between us, whether or not we are right or wrong
We might be angry with another, but it won't last for long

We are like yin and yang, hot and cold, dark and light,
We are as different as day and night

I like books, my sister likes video games
I like to be in the background, she craves fame

I'd rather play an instrument, she only uses her voice,
but I wouldn't change a thing even if I had the choice

We love each other, and that really is the only thing that matters,
Though there are days when I would like her head on a silver platter

Separation's never been an option, but murder is contemplated EVERYDAY
But we still love each other…what can I say?

No man is ever going to get her without my consent, not one mister,
Wanna know why? Because she's my sister!

a/n: This one is dedicated to you little sis! Nicole is your name and your the most annoying person has put on this earth but I wouldn't change you for the world...ok maybe just a little. Anyway anyone else who is reading this poem please review! I know you want to... :)