The Wings of a Fallen Angel - Prologue - The Feathers Left Behind

The feathers left behind. His sacred wings would not fly. He was plummeting to the waiting room, Earth. The vague quickly became the obvious. His actions toward him were why he was falling. His actions toward his father were why he woke up in the middle of the process of becoming a fallen angel. He still had miles of space to endure. Miles of stars and comets to face. He glanced at his wings. Although he could barely see them due to the bright tears in his eyes, he knew they were not white anymore, but gray. And by the time he reached Earth, his wings would be a subtle black color. He heard whispers calling his name.

"Join us, Dust. Join the demons."

"You will not survive alone, Dust. It is a battlefield on Earth."

"Dust, become a demon. Lose your wings, child."

Demons were attempting to possess him already. The other angels were right. Dust still did not regret anything. He was falling at an unexplainable rate, and soon he saw a familiar blue and white planet.

"Got there quicker than I thought," Dust thought. He braced himself.

He fell through a storm. His face was pounded with idols of rain and hail. He got struck by multiple tails of lightning, weakening him. He left the clouded hell and a large ocean was coming to meet him. Instead of the expected splash of soothing, yet deadly water, his face slammed onto a spike of rock coming from the bottom of the ocean, and his chin started to bleed intensely. There were many more spikes of rocks across the unknown ocean. The wind was moving so fast that you could see it. A mixture of rain and hail was still pounding on him. He started to curse the heavens, his eyes still filled with blinding tears.

"Why?! What do you want from me? Why am I being punished because of my beliefs?!" He yelled toward the clouds, trying to get his voice heard over all the wind and hail beating his already sore face. He did not expect an answer.

"You dared yourself to disobey your father, the creator of everything. This is why you are here! This is why you are now a fallen angel!" Said the voice. Slowly out of the mist, a familiar figure looked down on Dust with pity.

It was his brother, Whisper.

"Whisper? Where is Sapphire?" Sapphire was Dust's girlfriend in Heaven. She was to bear a child, but…

"She's gone. She vanished. She cried in Heaven because of you. Sapphire is no longer in existence." Whisper said, looking down, hiding his emotions from Dust. Because Heaven is a place of eternal peace, crying brings sadness, and is forbidden. The punishment is vanishing.

"She's… gone?" His heart sank. He finally felt regret pushing his soul deeper. She disappeared because of him.

"It's your entire fault, Dust! If you'd just do what father asked, she would still be here! And you'd still be in Heaven!" Whisper scolded.

"SHUT UP!" He said out of anger and agony. There was a long silence. The only sound that was heard was the sound of the wind howling at Dust.

Whisper broke the silence. "Look, I am only down here because father sent me to persuade you to forgive."


"You have to forgive father, Dust. And do what he asks."

Dust felt anger push regret out of his beaten up soul. "Forgive him? Are you serious? He took her away from me! Sapphire and my child!" more twinkling tears flooded his eyes and streamed down his face. "He took the two things I love the most, Whisper! And you expect me to forgive him?!" Dust felt like destroying everything around him, but father made him weak.

"No, I don't. Father does." And with that, Whisper returned to Heaven slowly, the wind shifting his figure. Rain and hail scarred his face, and Dust shivered at the wind's howling. He screamed at his father, with echoes of his crippled voice drenching around him. "I WILL NOT FORGIVE! I WILL NOT FORGIVE!" He screamed with all the agony, regret, and anger. He screamed his last bit of his strength. "I will not forgive…" then Dust passed out on the spike of rock he was laying on, but he still managed to conceal his wings.

Dust ran down the long, narrow halls of the temple, to find his father sitting on his magnificent throne, waiting for him.

"Ah, Dust. You came." Dust's father said with a gleaming smile.

"Well, you called!" Dust joked. His father chuckled lightly at that. "I have an important task for you to do."

"Yes, father? What is it?"

"I want you to kill an innocent man before he becomes-"

"You want me to kill an innocent man? Why?"

"Why do you have doubt?"

"It's evil!"

"Dust, listen-"

"No! I won't do it!" And before his father could say anything, He stormed into his room.

Dust's father's smile turned into a frown. Then he made a decision that will affect Dust greatly. "Cast him out in his sleep. And summon Whisper." He said to a guardian angel.

The feathers left behind

See my way

Out of heaven

Some shadows fly

Some shadows die

But I am

A shadow that cries.