The Wings Of a Fallen Angel - Chapter 4 - When Angels Die

Whisper waited for Vermilion outside her room. His expression on his face gave away that he was deep in thought. He still couldn't believe that a second baptism didn't work or give him an answer. He decided to confront Vermilion or Bell about it, since they were Baptismal angels, or Virtues.

"Oh, um, hi Whisper." Vermilion said, wondering why Whisper was waiting outside her room.

"Vermilion, I don't know why but… I don't think I'm cured of that 'confusion', because I… I still feel the same way about Dust…" Whisper said, looking down.

"Oh… um, Whisper, there's nothing else that I can do. I'm sorry." Vermilion said. She knew on the inside that she was upset that baptism didn't work, but she didn't let Whisper know.

"It's ok, Vermilion. I should get going. S-sorry to bother you…" Whisper started to leave, and he was getting ready to live like this forever, when something stopped him in his tracks, and left Vermilion praying.

A warrior angel appeared in the hall, and his wings were red around the edges. His black hair was covering his right eye, and he had leather gloves. He was staring in the direction of Vermilion and Whisper, who were frozen in shock.

The mysterious power angel had Bell in a headlock and a knife up to her throat.

"Don't hurt her!" shouted Whisper, which made the power angel chuckle, as if any attack done to him would be useless.

"My name is Raphael. As you can see, I'm the bad guy, and she's the damsel in distress." The angel said, making the headlock a little tighter. "Take one more step and I'll kill her."

"What do you want from her?!" Vermilion said with sorrow in her voice.

"It's what I want from you, Whisper. Where is Dust? It is my only wish."

"Dust is gone! He's been cast out of Heaven for about a year now. Let her go!" Whisper said, daring to attack him.

"Hmm. You thought I was joking, huh? When I said if you take one step closer, I'll kill her?" Raphael then moved the knife away from Bell's throat and stabbed her in the stomach, and she let out a sharp scream. Then there was silence again. Raphael released Bell from the headlock, and she fell to the ground. Before Vermilion or Whisper reached her, Bell vanished.

"Thanks anyway for telling me where Dust is." He then flew off speedily, leaving no trail of his doing.

Vermilion tried to keep all her tears in so she won't vanish like Bell or Sapphire. So she cried into Whisper's chest. While Whisper was embracing her, he wondered why Raphael was looking for Dust and why he killed Bell looking for him.

A week passed by, and Sapphire left to a trip to Italy, a place that she wanted to see all her life. Dust was walking down the sidewalk. He usually walks Sapphire to her home every day, and since he doesn't have a real home, he just wanders. But today, Sapphire wasn't here, so he decided to take a stroll, clearing his head from all of his troubles. Lately, he's been hearing strange things from the demons. Now, the demons just mostly say the word "death" repeatedly. But it was as if the demons were shouting in his ear, because every time Dust hears them, he hears them loud.

As Dust was walking down the street, a girl about his age ran up to him. She had long black hair stretching down behind her knees. She wore a black, tutu-like skirt, black boots that reached up to her knees and a jean jacket.

"Hi!" said the girl with an innocent smile on her face.

"Hi." Dust said back in his usual gloomy voice.

"I'm Lily."

"I'm Dust."

"What kind of fallen angel are you?" Said Lily, who caught Dust by surprise.

"How did you…!"

"I know things… and I saw you take off your shirt in school."

"you weren't supposed to see that! Promise you won't tell anyone."

"Of course! Hey, I have to show you something. Follow me." Dust followed her to her house. Dust started to wonder where her parents were.

"Come in when I tell you so, ok?" Lily then left into her room. Dust got that feeling again, when you feel like no one is safe.

He sensed demons.

"Ok, you can come in now." Lily said from her room. Dust then went inside, to see Lily only in her lingerie.

"I'm going now." Dust said immediately and headed for the door.

"Wait, Dust! It's just like you taking off your shirt. I have to take off mine." Lily explained.

"But, that would mean that you're a…" Dust looked and saw black wings similar to his.

"I'm a fallen principality angel." Said Lily. Principalities are angels that tell mortals about god in any way that they want to, just as long as they're not seen.

"Oh." Dust said with a half awkward, half shocked feeling.

"So, like I asked before, what kind of fallen angel are you?" Lily asked again, flying over to him.

"I'm just a regular fallen angel…" Dust answered, feeling even more uncomfortable. "It was nice meeting you, but I really have to go…"

"Oh, um, ok." Lily said as she watched Dust pick up his bag from the arm of the chair and head for the door. Before he left, Lily grabbed his arm. "Wait, I have to tell you something."

"What?" Dust said, still anxious to leave. They were already outside Lily's home, on the sidewalk.

"I have to tell you that I…" Lily brought him closer, and she started to kiss him roughly.

"Lily, why-" Lily started to kiss him again before Dust could respond. Dust pushed her off and started to leave, when he saw someone who he thought was away to Italy.

Sapphire stared at him, hate growing in her eyes. "My flight was cancelled." Sapphire said, as tears rolled down her face.

"Sapphire, it's not-"

"No, Dust! Stay away from me!" She screamed, and she ran home sobbing into her hands. Dust was going to run after her when something crashed in front of them. Lily and Dust couldn't see anything, cement cinders were filling the air. But they both knew something was there, waiting for them. When the cinders cleared, it revealed a 10-foot demon. So much for clearing his head of all his troubles.

The fight began.

The demon lunged at Dust with its giant, flaky fist, and Dust just used that to plunge himself up to the demon's face. He took his weapon- a golden double axe- from his pack to attack the monster. He first used it to scar his face, which made the demon even more angrier. The demon swung his hand and started swatting at him, as if Dust was not an angel, but a fly. Dust used the axe to defend, and he cut one of the demon's fingers off. He started to scream in pain as black ooze came from the wounded area around the finger. He was surprised when the demon brought out a weapon of his own, a giant, bronze sword. His axe was useless. He dodged the first swing of the sword, but then got punched into a tree outside Lily's window. Dust couldn't get up and he was badly hurt, and braced himself for the impact of a giant bronze sword clashing against his sore body. It brought back memories…

Before the demon sliced the angel's body in half, Lily came out of nowhere with a weapon of her own. It was a sword similar to the demon's, and she sliced his head off clean off its body.

"That's how you kill an armed, 10-foot demon, Dust." Lily chided, but when she looked at him, he was coughing blood. Lily ran over to him, and she got out a wine bottle. "Hey, drink this. It's Virtue water, or Holy water as mortals call it. It'll heal you in an instant."

Dust grabbed the bottle and chugged it down. He felt his insides being healed, and all his cuts and bruises had been dispersed. He got up, looked around if anybody witnessed it. He then said a chant and sent the demon back to Hell where it came from and all the damage was restored.

"I have to go get Sapphire." Dust said.

"Let me come with you." Lily said, following him.

"No, Lily! Haven't you caused enough trouble today?! You put my relationship at stake!"

"I just saved your life! You could at least a little bit grateful."

"I could've handled it. I didn't need your help now, and I never will." With that, Dust ran over to Sapphire's house, trying to explain what happened.

It was a typical Tuesday at Ferris Stone High School, and there was a new student.

"Class, this is Bell." The teacher said.