So this is my first time writing yaoi and I know the rating says M but that won't be until chapter 11... it's just to make the story flow so... Read and Review!

"What're you going to do now you little fag?!"

"Look at him struggle!"

"Come back here you little bitch!"

"Take your beating like a man!"

Takeru only had enough time to hold his breath before his head was shoved back into the filthy water of the toilet. He could vaguely hear his group of torturers cackling and yelling out painful insults as he tried to flail out of their grasps. His arms were held behind his back by two older males to prevent him from fighting back while a third snagged his shoulder length raven hair to continuously shove his head underwater.

As his head was roughly yanked back, Takeru gasped for much needed breath. He was expecting to have his head dunked into the toilet again, but instead, he was roughly yanked backwards out of the bathroom stalls and into the more open space of the restroom. He cried out as he was shoved onto the ground in order to receive his daily beatings. Takeru responded to each blow that was landed to his frail body with a painful wail that he wished someone would hear…

Unfortunately for Takeru, no one ever came to help him. No matter how loud he cried, no one would come to his rescue. Not too long ago, right before the group of boys began dunking his head into the toilet, someone actually came into the restroom… and the moment they saw what was going to happen, they simply shook their head with a smirk and walked right back out. Takeru was well aware that no other guy would come willingly to his rescue unless it was one of his friends… or any other gay students in the huge college that he attended, which wasn't many… but that didn't stop him from screaming for help whenever he could… After another few minutes (which felt like hours to poor Takeru) of getting kicked around, someone finally came to his rescue:

"Can't you guys just give it a break?! Get the hell away from him!"

Takeru softly groaned as a pair of arms gently pulled him into a warm embrace. He lifted his head to look up as the three jocks left the bathroom, sneering the whole time. Takeru also saw one of his friends standing before him as his other friend tightened his embrace.

He weakly smiled at the tall and slightly muscular short-haired brunette staring at him with concerned brown eyes, "Thanks for coming Karou…" he moaned, his voice hoarse from screaming.

Karou frowned as he knelt down in front of Takeru, gently grabbing his face and turning it from side to side, "Of course I'd come! I'm not gonna let them pulverize you when I can clearly hear your screams!" he gently rubbed his thumb against a quickly forming bruise on the underside of Takeru's jaw, cause him to whimper.

"Oh Takeru… why don't you ever fight back?" he heard the gentle question from his other friend who was currently embracing him.

Takeru fully leaned back against the sturdy frame of his closest friend and let out a shuddered breath, "I do fight back Kira…"

Kira kissed the top of his dear friend's drenched head before growling, "You don't fight back, you squirm… I'm talking about fist flying and legs kicking!"

Karou nodded in agreement and stood up, "You shouldn't let the whole football team pummel you… stand up for yourself Ta-chan!" Karou held out a hand for Takeru to take and smiled when the younger accepted the help offered to stand up.

Takeru fumbled to find his balance, only to collapse right into the waiting arms of Kira. Takeru weakly looked up at the taller dirty blonde male and gently kissed him on the cheek, "Thanks Kira-chan…"

Kira stared at Takeru, his hazel eyes bright, "Who would watch over you if we weren't here?"

Karou made his way over to Takeru's side, slinging an arm around the younger male's waist as Kira moved Takeru's arm around his neck, "If we weren't here to look after him, then he would probably be dead…"

With the help of his two friends, Takeru made his way to the college infirmary…


Karou watched as Kira gently ran his long fingers through Takeru's black hair, attempting to put the beaten and bruised up boy to sleep. Kira observed the feminine features of Takeru's face, tainted by cuts or black and blue marks and couldn't help but smile at how little he changed since their childhood.

"He still looks so childish and angelic…"

Karou smiled when Kira continued to thread his fingers through silky black locks until the raven's sleep-laden blue eyes finally shut. Satisfied that the younger would remain asleep, Kira made his way out of the infirmary to stand before his friend. Karou let out a sigh and motioned for Kira to follow him. The two walked in silence until Karou spoke quietly, "I didn't think him liking guys would get him into so much trouble…"

"You mean Takeru being gay?" Kira snorted angrily, adjusting his damp and wrinkled orange button up shirt, "At least he can proudly admit that he likes men… I know a few guys here at school that cower and hide, afraid to admit who they truly are… afraid of those dicks!"

Karou nodded, "Yes I know… but there are also a few guys who are even more flamboyant than Ta-chan is and even they don't get beat up as much as he does… And you're gay too and no one messes with you… What I'm trying to say is… I wish Takeru would stand up for himself… he is proud of who he is, now we just gotta get him to fight back."

Kira nodded as well, "No one screws with me because I fight back… and everyone targets Takeru-chan because he doesn't say anything… He doesn't like to fight back… he doesn't like violence all like that… but that is why we are here…"

Karou let out a heavy sigh and the two walked on in a comfortable silence until he spoke up again, "There is supposed to be a new student coming in tomorrow..."

"Sou ka?"

Karou nodded, "He's moving closer to here so he needed to transfer…"

Kira smirked, "He?"

"Yes, he…"

Kira nodded and remained silent… and then, "I wonder if he's cute…"

Karou broke into a fit of laughter at the sudden comment, "Kira-chan, don't you have a boyfriend?!"

Kira blushed but smiled and joked, "What?! I can't help but wonder!" and then in a serious tone, "I can't help but wonder if he's cute and nice… and if he is gay that would be beyond perfect… then maybe Takeru-chan might have a chance at love…"

"He might not be like you guys… don't get your hopes up like that Kira-chan… plus… Ta-chan's luck doesn't seem to be going anywhere but down the gutter… I hate to say it, but with Takeru's luck, this new kid is going to be just like those athletic dicks that beat on him."

Kira frowned, "We can't dream a little dream for him?"

Karou gently shook his head, "We can dream a little dream for the poor kid… but we should dream a little dream that can actually be fulfilled…" Karou felt a vibration in his pocket and took out his phone to see that he had a message from his girlfriend asking if Takeru was doing alright, "And maybe we should be protecting him instead of dreaming for him… making sure he can graduate with all of his organs and body parts in tact…"