Strange how despite how I used to love winter, it always brought back bad memories.

Last thing I remember is just hearing this loud *crack* coming from the forest nearby. As I looked out my window I saw something moving silently yet quickly. After seeing the large tree trunk that lay on the snow, I knew something was wrong.

My stupid decision to follow my curiosity immediately backfired as I walked outside.

I could see the silhouette of a figure moving towards me at a inhuman pace. I froze, bracing myself for the impact, when it soared over me.

After recovering from my surprise, I ran to the backyard where it was descending into. When I got there I could see the figure more clearly. A boy my age was standing in the middle of the snow. He turned to me, and I was met with claret eyes. Then he smiled. "Hello." He said loudly. "Sorry for intruding, but I have to use your backyard as a shortcut. I'd think it best if you didn't follow me. Return to your home now."

He was making markings in the snow under his feet, making it into a mark that I couldn't understand. I barely had time to memorize it before he lifted his foot and hit it against the mark, making it light up.

Next second, a large hole appeared behind him, entering into a fiery place. I'd never expect him to jump in. I screamed for him not to do that, but he didn't listen. He only replied by yelling, "Go back to your home."

Of course, and I still kick myself to this day, I didn't listen. I dove after him, trying to grab his hand.

Next thing I knew, a huge black hand wrapped its fingers around my body. It pulled me inside, and the wind rushed past my ears. My body slammed into the ground, and pain spread my body upon contact.

The hand had disappeared under the ground. My limbs were heavy, but I did my best to lift my head. Looking around, I felt I was in some horrid replica of my home.

The ground was covered in a thick blanket of snow, but the sky was a claret red, the trees tipped over, and buildings destroyed. I looked around, trying to find my way. Only I could only see trails that led to trails that led to more trails. I tried looking around to find that boy… But he was nowhere to be seen.

Trying to look around at my surroundings again, I soon came to one realization as I went through several trails: I was trapped in this place.