Do not panic.

I kept saying that to myself, and those words went through my head.

These mental efforts came to no avail.

Twelve hours.

This was how long I had been in this place.

I was too scared for sleep.

And if you were in my shoes right now, you'd understand.

Sounds erupted throughout the forest, but not the usual ones you hear in the more rural areas sometimes.

These sounds were different.

I still can't describe how they sounded to this day.

But the creepy thing… was the fact that I felt multiple pairs of eyes watching me. Stalking me. As if they were predators studying their prey. Waiting for the right moment to strike. There was no movement, at least as far as I could see, only the endless noise that resounded in my ears, and I had to hug myself tightly in order to stop myself from running off, screaming.

As time crept by though, I slowly began to feel thirst.

I ignored it at first. Anyone would put "I needed to find my way out of here. " at the t open of their priority list if they were stuck in this hellish world.

But it became too much when I started running at long last, when the gazes pressing into my body from all directions became too much, when I went through a trail that led me to a place that looked familiar, due to the many times I ventured out into the forest.

In the end, I came out into, where what should've been a clearing, was just a large pit.

I wouldn't be able to stop in time to keep from falling inside by the time I realized.

When I did realize, I tried stopping abruptly, but the inertia threw me in anyway.

I could feel the wind howling and slapping against my face.

Then I landed in, not on, something.

It hurt badly when I landed face-first in the water.

It was so cold, yet unexpected that I felt like I had been given a large electric shock.

I just lay under there for a moment before I moved, bringing my hands together, moving my hands through the water, pushing me up to the surface.

My head poked from under the water, and I looked around.

I saw there was a light of some kind emitting from a purplish crystal mass, providing a very faint light in here.

I swam to where there was land, and I pulled myself out.

Panting slightly, I looked around.

I was currently inside a cave that had what looked like pure water, and the only way out was the hole I fell through.

It was then that my thirst finally hit me.

I hesitated to drink the water before me - for all I knew it could be poisoned, - but my thirst won out very quickly.

I cupped it in my hands, drinking it all the same.

As I swallowed, the water felt as if it spread through my body with an icy feeling.

I drank, and continued drinking, until it was abruptly interrupted by a voice.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" I looked up, seeing the owner if the voice.

As soon as I looked though, I couldn't help thinking I may have been hallucinating.

But it was a… wolf?

It pounced down into the hole and landed next to me with a loud thud.

Then its appearance shifted, making it into a boy no older than ten. His glaring silver eyes were framed by jet black hair.

"Huh?!" I made a startled sound, jumping back in surprise, crawling backwards slightly.

"Why were you drinking out of there?"

"I was… thirsty." I said it slowly when I noticed his silver eyes studying me, before his eyes widened.

"You're a human!" He yelled, pointing a finger.

"Yes..." I said slowly. "What else would I be?"

He looked between me and the large pool of water several times. The way his face was coming from slightly pale to monochrome was starting to scare me. "How did you get in here? Wait. No that isn't important right now. How many times have you drank that stuff?"

"I don't know. Can you at least tell me where I am?"

"…your inside a cave…"

"No. I know that! I meant, where is this place?" I gestured up through the hole from where the boy once came.

He stared for a moment, then his eyes flickered in understanding, "Oh, you're still alive. You're in Hell right now." He said without flinching.

I blinked, then said in a slightly irritated voice, "I'm being serious here."

"And so am I. You. Are. In. Hell." He repeated. To prove it, he shifted back into a wolf. "I am a demon that can turn into one of the animals of nature." -he changed back into a boy- "You are a human that somehow found her way out of the fields of punishment, and found herself in the edge of the first circle of this place." I blinked at his sudden transformations. But he wasn't done. "And that stuff you just drank, human," He pointed at the water, "Is a very large pond of blood."

I stared at him for a minute. "That's a horrible joke." I said finally.

"I'm not lying." He said calmly. "That's blood from a type of demon called a hydra. Or just in case you don't know what that is, that's a water demon. They're shunned in all of Hell, known for their kindness." Even he had a note of disgust in his voice. "But no one's ever drank the blood of a hydra before. Due to them being water demons, their blood resembles that of…" My eyes widened at my realization when the sudden sharp pain came out of nowhere and spread through my body. I screamed and curled into a ball, clutching myself in agony. "... Seems the aftereffects are coming on." The boy said while staring at me, not even trying to help me or ease my pain. I clenched my teeth, putting up a tough front, doing my best to live through the pain, slowly getting up. He continued to study me as I got up, but when I was halfway up, he kicked me into the pool.

I was drowning for a moment, then resurfaced, and as I got back up from the water, glaring at him. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" I splashed some water lightly at him. But I must've hit the water harder than I thought.

A wave formed from the splash, flying through the air in the shape of a "C" that had sharpened edges. It hit him, right in his stomach, and he flew right into the side of the cave, making a dent in the wall.

"...looks like the effects have taken their toll." He said after a minute, pain straining his voice.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, still somewhat freaked out.

"Try looking down." I did as what I was told and saw that the water made a current to keep me aloft. It was then that I noticed that all my pain had diminished completely.

"What… what is-"

"When you drank the hydra blood, it's blood mixed with yours. As a result, you now have the powers of a hydra demon."