Looking down from the tree branch I stood on, I stared as the girl sprinted through the forest. She had good reason to, mainly because she was being chased by her father.

She ran through the forest deftly, skimming past the trees. This went on for a long time, until she was sure she had lost her father.

She sank to the ground and breathed rapid breaths. I narrowed my eyes at her, concentrating on the area her heart should've been…

A sharp pain hit my head, and I had to hold it to keep myself from screaming out of pain.

That girl had a hate inside of her soul.

A lot of it.

And like a sheet covering a bed, there was melancholy. Compared to the anger and hatred it look minor, but it was strong nonetheless.

Upon taking a closer look, I saw that her face was glistening, not with sweat, but with tears.

That gave me the signal that I'd been waiting for.

That girl rarely showed any of her emotions, let alone cry.

Her emotions were at their breaking point now. Not even waiting another second, I leaped from my tree branch, landing right in front of her. She let a startled yell when I did that.

But then she started looking at my facial features, studying my face as my face since I seemed to be of some familiarity with her, the surprise gradually fading. "Dylan? That you?" She continued to study me.

I shook my head no, only somewhat lying.

Well, not exactly.

My real name was Dante, but in my time knowing her, I had went by the name Dylan.

My face would be a dead giveaway though, even IF I changed my hair color and eyes.

Nonetheless, I gave her a serious expression. "Your father has wronged you, hasn't he? I can sense people's emotions, so there's no point in lying. I'm only here to help you."

Her eyes narrowed for a moment. "What do you mean, 'Help me'?"

"I am here to give you a choice. You are free to deny, but I can grant you your revenge. The revenge of your mothers death."

Her eyes widened. "How do you—"

"I have the ability to read someone's mind and see their past memories." I closed my eyes, concentrating again, then smiled. "Yes," I said slowly, "Your father... He killed her didn't he?"

Her eyes widened again. "So you're saying… you can take revenge for me?"

"Yes." I nodded, but a slightly twisted grin met my face. "However, there will be a price for me killing your father… and I don't mean money when I say that," I added when I saw her face. "I mean there will be consequences of what you choose to do."

I stood back up from my crouch. "What… what are those consequences?" She stood up as well, slowly, using the tree trunk as a support.

"If you are to take revenge, then I will grant it for you. However, you will become cursed as a result. As soon as I take your revenge, you will feel the exact same pain that the vessel of your hatred feels. But when that person finally dies, you will be paralyzed from head to toe, the memory of that person's death replaying through your mind for the rest of your life. You would always be reminded that it was your fault that that person has died." Her eyes widened with horror. "However," I continued, "You also have one other choice."

"What is it?" She asked quickly.

It was obvious she didn't want that.

"You have the choice to forgive." I spread my hands, palms facing her, smiling all the while, "Just as you have the choice to take revenge, you have the choice to forgive. And if you choose to forgive, I will reward you."

"How do I know I can actually trust you?" She looked at me, eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion.

She couldn't even react when I smirked.

I responded by pushing two fingers against her head.

At that second, I filled her mind with the memories of those who decided to take their revenge when I confronted them, some thinking it was a joke, others feeling that they needed to do it.

She saw every last death that someone else had caused. I felt the experience with her, and though the entire vision only lasted for five seconds, they seemed to last for hours.

When it was finally over, I pulled my fingers away slowly, stepping away, watching her reaction.

Her eyes were wide with surprise, and if course, fear. "Was... Was that all real?"

I nodded, smirk dropping to a serious look. "Don't take my offer lightly. Whether you choose to take revenge or not is entirely on your shoulders." I finished. Of course, there was the third option; the option not to forgive OR take revenge.

But I doubt they'd want that.

Humans can be so predictable sometimes.

"So now tell me… what do you wish to do?"

She looked down, obviously thinking it over.

I read her mind again, seeing her surprise that she was even thinking about this offer.

Then she thought about her mother, how much she obviously loved her, and a flash of anger passed her eyes.

Then she thought about how she really had nothing else to lose either way, and that she doubted anyone would miss her.

Some people might even be glad that she were gone.

But a part of her was still hesitating…

I pulled out of her mind, seeing her come to a choice without using my abilities.

Now came the moment of truth.

She lifted her head, face set, New tears slowly coming down her eyes. "I ... I choose…"