Down the rabbit hole I go
when I'll return
I do not know
but I've been falling for years.

The bottom hits
I still don't know
where am I or
where to go
but this is what I see.

Twisted trees
black and gnarled,
the walls are dripping blood.
The sand is glowing purple,
and the flowers smell of mud.

The grinning cat
he has a knife,
and the moon is now
blood red

he asked if I
would like some tea
and this
is what I said.

Where have I gone
oh grinning cat
where have I fallen to?

he said, "my dear
dontcha know
we're all inside of you.

The wonderland
inside your head
is your secret place

it's been here all along
waiting to give chase.

Look into that river
the one that's flowing blood.
See yourself for what you are.
See what you've become."

Reflection peers back me
eyes as black as coal.
The monster that was inside
has taken all control.

The grinning cat
he tells me,
"Why don't you take a swim?
There's no escape from Wonderland
now your stuck within.

This twisted nightmare
has become
all you'll ever know."

And as the cat
who turned to go
he swept his tail
and made a throw.

His knife it hit me
in the chest
and back I fell
eternal rest.

The light soon hit me,
blinking fast,
I find myself
safe at last.

Rush to the mirror
what do I see?
The monster glaring
back at me.

"I am you
and you
are me"
the monster's words
drip with glee.

The walls begin dripping blood
the grinning cat appears.
"I told you once I'll say again
'Wonderland' is in your head."