Chapter one: Inside a battle.

Looking down on my opponent pleading eyes, I nodded and made his death swift and painless. I wouldn't want to say painless though, for every soldier I fight against and with are frightened of death. Not because they will no longer live, but the fact they will no longer fight. No longer defend the women and children they hold so dear. Pitiful life, can you get any more difficult?

I ground my sword, taking of my valiant helmet and looking down unto the battlefield which claims so many souls. People have asked me why did I choose to become a soldier, I say I did it for the glory, which is a popular choice among the young soldiers, who also dream of fortune and fame, but it's far from the truth. Even though it's the true answer it's far from the truth.

I have become a soldier for the glory, but what made me stay as a soldier is to protect what I love and cherish, what I will allow an enemy to pierce me with heavy sharp metals. To gladly look in the face of death and simply smile, to look down on the floor, seeing the very brothers I have grown with, covered in red.

Is it hard?

Some people asked and I give them another typical answer. Of course it is, but don't worry about the problems and just leave it to strong men like us. The truth is, it's insanely hard, it affects everything about you for almost eternity, and if you are not claimed by a sword then you are claimed by your mind.

"Sir Leon, your orders?" a guard asked me, a man and a brother who looked at me with a smile, even though he had been through hell, the fires that drench humans as if a raging river, "Forward." I grimly said, not looking into the soldier's calm eyes, how can he be so calm? I have just written their death sentence.

No matter, he is sure I will line up with him, staring at the enemy with no fear. That is why he is not scared. I followed him down to the guards to give them my speech, my recognition of their courage and bravery.

"If you want your men to follow you in the valleys, you must treat them as if your own son's. If you are to send your sons to death, then you make sure you have better chance of dying then them. It is insanely hard to be the ones who lived, how easy would it be to fall on the ground and stop fighting, people usually mourn for the loss of the living but what of those who died while alive?!"

I breathed heavily, pulling my sword from the ground to give the order of an attack, "People will never know of our names, nor our history, of our doings! But I can promise you that every man and women standing in these trenches of death are thinking of them and me thinking of my soldiers. I will never make a soul die in vain, not if I have to say anything about, not if my blade is not stuck into the hearts of those who truly believe that they can stop me.

The other general must be thinking of the same, giving his men the same prep talk I give me own men. They are honorable human beings and this battle will be an honorable battle. The losses will always be forgotten, but that won't mean it has never happened. Our blood will enrich the soil to grow fruits and peace that we hold so dearly. So onward my brothers and sister, my sons and daughters, the honor of a single human being can change the tides of any battle, show them I am not wrong, prove to them that we will not fall!"

Chapter 2: Internal problems.