Gods rising and falling, followed to the end. Favorite tales given by the Gods, as if they are heavy clouds that cannot contain anymore- sometimes they cry heavy tears, or present to us the fog of confusion, or the rage of clashing storms, or the magic wonders of the rainbow or snowflakes. Every snowflake is unique, they say, even though it's been snowing since forever and will snow for forever. So many snowflakes. Some are destroyed and forgotten. Some disappear from plagiarism fear. And some are immortalized, in communities or favorites.

Forgotten people. Their stories rising and falling like the tides, brought into existence by the Moon. Let's out our mark on the Moon, raw and unpolished, true thought. Unlike those fancy books in the shops.

Reviews are like food. Keep posting and updating and writing for survival necessity. Like walking long ways for water. But some enjoy walking for the sake of walking, whether or not others can see them or not, whether they find water or not. And some walk because they need to. They can't sit still.

All these stories... lost in time and the colossal cyber universe. Will they be unearthed? Will future scientists read each and every one, trying to understand the people of our time? Or will they sit here, untouched, like footprints on the Moon?