Broken Promise

"Promise you'll come back," she'd say to me.

"I will come back for you;

I promise we will marry."

I sat in my dorm,

I was never good with promises;

I heart was torn.

Running in to the field my heart pounded,

I'm sure I'm next.

Everywhere, the artillery sounded.

Finally, it's all over and I recovered;

I will keep my promise:

I'll return to my lover.

They said she has left,

I never felt more grief

And alone, I sat and wept.

I woke up knowing it was a dream;

I got out of bed,

Grabbed some coffee with cream.

A sudden boom, inferno was my head,

My body engulfed in flaming steam.

I regret promising her,

I was never good with promises,

My vision blurred.

"Promise me you'll come back" she'd say to me

I broke my final promise,

I'm sorry.