Land of Snow

Back in the days in a kingdom far, far away,
In the swirling Land of Snow,
A princess dressed in white and gray,
By a name that nobody knows.

She has never been happy nor gay,
For all she has is an ugly black crow.
Princes from all over the lands visit her each day,
But each time, happiness, the princess didn't show.

Each prince who visit her became dismay,
The King's worries begin to grow.
"Anyone who can make my daughter smile," he says,
"Will marry her here in the Land of Snow."

Now every man, to the kingdom, went they,
But all of them, disappointed, home they go.
At the last hour of that very day,
A spectacular event occurred like a show,
Upon me she smiles and gaze,
That made me happy from head to toe.
We drank and toasted in a merry way.

Who would have known spring has come to the Land of Snow.