Morning shadow

Leave quickly when the sun is gone.

Meet me at the light of dawn.

Never again part my side,

Especially during these bumpy rides.

Follow me over these hills,

Only rest for a little meal.

Swim with me over the restless oceans,

Don't let slip anything especially your emotions.

Follow me through the freezing ice,

Who said this journey would be nice.

Jump with me through the scorching flames,

Pain you know will never be the same.

Trudge with me through the sandy dunes,

Tonight, we'll camp under the bright little moon.

Follow me through the dense dark forest,

At this point, stamina is at its poorest.

Fly with me up in to the sky,

There, you'll have a view from up high.

Sail with me through the beautiful, calm sea,

At last, our life will be free.