Palace in the Sky

Back in the time when day was night,

When clouds opened wide,

There, among the clouds, was a brilliant shining light.

And then the stairs from the sky descended through the tides.

I walked up the steps and saw the palace in the sky.

Beautiful, it seems.

But it doesn't explain why there, it lies.

Everything was like a dream.

I neared the palace and there was I greeted,

A beautiful princess in blue and white,

To the left was she tied and seated,

As the princess when day was night.

She said to me,

"Help me escape my bonds,

And set me free.

Escape with me before the sun is gone."

Working as fast as I could, I undid the ropes,

Only then, did the king come out,

And dashed away all her hopes.

To the guards, he began to shout,

But grabbing her hands, I dashed away,

Down the stairs and across the ground.

And the king just stood up there in dismay,

For the guards were too scared to go down.

And each night we'd lay down, just she and I,

We'd look up and remember the event at the palace in the sky.