That Christmas Night

Out in the pasture, on that chilly night,

When the land was blanketed white,

A star, unlike the others, emitted such radiant light.

At a distance, the Church bell rang,

On the streets, Children and adults sang.

Gentle puffs of snow dropped from the sky.

The air drifted with the fragrance of many pies.

Families danced and laughed around the evergreen trees,

Others ate and drank their warm, homemade tea.

Out on the bench sat you and I,

Huddled together to stay warm we tried.

We just sat there, just you and I,

Out on the bench for reasons only God knows why.

We just sat, just you and I,

And then you broke the silence with a soft sigh;

"Bright and brilliant is that star.

If only it wasn't that far."

I replied, "Beautiful, that is true,

I went as far to get a piece for you."

I held out a ring with a diamond that was very rare.

This ring I placed on your finger, and to this night it's still there.

We sat where we sat years ago,

A place that only we know,

Watching the bright star in the sky,

And under it, sat you and I.