The Lovesick Lad

Tis a tale of a lovesick lad
Who loved like no other man,
His lovesick passion drove him mad;
His name, known across the land.

He loved a gal with all he had,
Sadly, she did not understand.
So he pleaded to her stepdad,
But away from her, he was banned.

Heartbroken was this lovesick lad,
But he asked for her again.
Her father got really mad,
And struck him with his own hand.

The poor lad's day was very bad,
And he left for a distant land.
On his way, he was robbed and stabbed,
And was left lying in the sand.

Forgotten was this poor lad,
If only he would understand:
The gal's dad was very bad.
His termination was planned.

Tis the tale of the lovesick lad,
Who died with no other friends.
His lovesick passion's very sad.
His name buried in the sand.