I write this from two points of view-a woman named Miranda and a man named Eric. Just a little idea I had, inspired from my brother.

Miranda's POV:

Standing here,

Wondering if only,

You could see...

If only see...

And the pain is not enough,

Resting in our hearts,

Standing trying to speak,

To you, my dearest and loved brave,

But you don't hear me,

Will you ever?

And what if I could speak to you,

And you never hear...


Eric's POV:

Why am I in a struggle?

Trying to speak?

That hair, her eyes,

She's everything I want...

If only she could see...

I am lost now,

Someone find me,

Grabbing on the simple edge of what is life,

Wait, no wait,

I need to live,


If only I could see...

See your face again,


Miranda POV:

Feeling this pain,

Not in our hearts,

But in the soul of living far away,

I want to die,

But is there any point in that?

Help me see the light in darkness,

Taking a huge breath,

Falling through the layers that have been concealed from me so,

Touching hearts,

If only I could know...

Trying and lying to my body now,

Help me from falling,

Catch me on what I call hope,

Never leave me, oh never, never, never,

Trying to grab away the parts of my spirit that pull at me so deeply,

If only I could love...

I kind of spoke in riddles, if that's what you want to call it. But let me know what you think! Hope you liked it =)