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"Kya~ it's Daichi-kun!" The girls in the hallway erupted in squeals as Daichi walked down the hallway with his friends.

"S-Sakaki-senpai?" A girl that looked like a 1st year came up to him after being pushed by her friends. "U-um, w-will you accept this!?" She bowed deeply and handed him a bag of cookies.

He smiled at her almost melting everyone around him. "Thank you." The girl almost fainted but stood her ground and just blushed wildly.

He passed by the class that was right next to his and looked through the door. There he saw a girl with chest long black hair with black eyes. She was not like a movie star but she was naturally beautiful.

"You need to do this and this and then you'll get the answer." She said to the boy who sat across of her on her table.

"I-I get it! Thank you so much! Kisaragi-san!" He bowed deeply.

"You're welcome, Ooshima-kun." He blushed when she smiled and squealed like a little girl because she knew his name.

"K-Kisaragi-san. Thank you for letting me borrow this book." He handed her a book and bowed slightly.

"Thank you, Yamasaki-kun. I hope you enjoyed it. It is my favorite book." She smiled once more which made all the boys around her blush bright red.

She looked towards the door to see Daichi at the door looking at her. She continued smiling and looked back at the people surrounding her table.

Daichi looked away and continued to walk until he reached his own classroom. He sat down at the corner of the room at his table and his friends surrounded his table. He leaned back on his chair and looked around the classroom to see the girls squealing and staring at him and guys looking at him in envy.

"Dude, I hate you so much." One of his friends told him.

"I didn't tell the girls to fawn over me, man, they came to me." He said arrogantly.

"Sakaki-kun~" A pretty girl with way too much make-up came up to him and said innocently.

"J-Julia-chan!" His friend yelled in surprised. He grabbed Daichi and pulled him to the side.

"How did you get the gorgeous, and popular exchange student from France, Kanzaki Julia!?" He yelled. "What kind of friend are you!? You know I had a crush on her!"

"Hey, don't blame me! She came to me, first." Daichi sighed. "Look, if you want, I will tell her about you. Honestly I have no interest in her."

"You will do that for me?" He started fake-crying and hugging him. "You are the best friend ever!"

"Hey, get off of me!" Daichi pushed him off as Julia came towards them.

"Sakaki-kun~ Are you free tomorrow?" Before he could answer the teacher came in and told everyone to take their seats.

In the short time Daichi had he apologetically bowed to her.

"Sorry, got soccer practice, but he's free." He pointed to his friend who waved nervously at them.

"Boo~ I want to hang out with you!" He just sweat-dropped and took his seat as she went back to her seat.


"Hey, Daichi." Kisaragi Ayano said gripping her school bag.

"Yea, Ayano?" Daichi was in the same position Ayano was in.

"What are you doing here?" She asked calmly. Then she turned to him and yelled. "Why are you here!?"

"I had Soccer practice! Didn't I tell you!?" He yelled.

"Let's just get in before someone finds us." Ayano sighed and opened the door to their apartment.

"I'm home." They both said at the same time.

"Ahh, I'm sooo tired!" Ayano plopped onto the couch and stretched.

"What do you want for dinner?" Daichi asked putting his bag onto the ground.

"Whatevers." Ayano said walking up to the TV to turn on the X-Box.

"Hey! Don't play, yet! I wanna play, too!" Daichi yelled at her and she just stuck out her tongue.

"No one cares!" Ayano said and started playing. Daichi sighed and began cooking.


Ayano's POV

It probably is confusing right now so I shall explain.

Sakaki Daichi. He is the most popular guy in the whole school, popularity spreading from even outside of school. He the Basketball and Soccer Ace player, having the best athletic abilities in the whole school. He has brown hair and dark green eyes that make every girl he sees fall for him. Though he is arrogant he is a great friend. That's the Daichi everyone knows. The Daichi I know is completely different.

Daichi would make a great wife! He's a great cook and is really good at taking care of things that concern my health. He always worries about me like a mother. You can call some of his talents a little girly.

Daichi's POV

Well, she just told my embarrassing secret so I'm going to do the same to her.

Kisaragi Ayano. The smartest girl in the school, and was ranked 5th in the national mock test. She is very kind to everyone around her making her popular among the guys. Unlike other girls she was a natural beauty, never wearing make-up and never having to. She is very strong-willed not having a boyfriend for the longest time, even though a lot of guys ask her out. She is also the Vice-President of the student council. Many people ask her to tutor them since she does it for free unlike some people.

But, at Home she is completely different. She's energetic and hyper, always trying her best to make the people around her laugh. She loves video games and online games. She's a total weirdo and tomboy but as a girly side of loving to clean and sew. How embarrassing it would be if everyone found out, huh?

The reason we know each other is we are childhood friends. We both came to this school from the countryside since this had a great soccer program.

Ayano's POV

The reason I went to the same school as Daichi because I got a full scholarship from that school. Our parents found out about this and they were kind of worried about letting us live on our own so they came up with some bright idea to let us live together. How could we say no? If we did then we would have to buy an apartment with our own money. I mean, I can't pay for that!

So we've been dealing with it at first, but then we got popular. If any of our fans, mostly and especially Daichi's, found out we live together we won't hear the end of it and I don't want any misunderstanding. We always leave and come home different times to make sure no one finds out but who knew this was going to happen….

Dedicated to my friend who forced me to go away from my fantasy stories and start a normal school students love story kinda thing.

Also dedicated to support her in her relationship with her childhood friend!

(She's gonna get mad at me when she sees this...)