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Let me start this off by saying three things.

First, I am not like you. I'm not a normal girl and never will be ever again. My name is Freak. At least, that's the name of the project I originate from. More commonly I'm known as Ruby after my brownish red hair and even more red eyes. Of course the Freak is what the scientists call me. The same people who gave me wings and trained me to fly.

Second, I'm barely a teenager right now; though my story starts long ago. I was raised in a lab and spent years living with dogs in a kennel while humans tested me brutally. The average dog life expectancy inside a lab s two years or I estimate it to be around that. You can guess I got lonely.

Third, everything you're about to read is true and it's the story of my life. A life that is barely worth living but there's no way out of it. Right now,despite how old I look, I've watched entire lifetimes go by. I had three years of happiness. Pure happiness but now all I can think about is watching the next person I fought so hard to protect, die.

So yeah, ready to enter my world?

My horrid, my miserable, my blood soaked world where even love hurts?