"Let me get something very clear with you," I snarled. "I am not here because I like you people." I glared at the teenagers that had bagged me and dragged me to a warehouse before giving me the list. "I'm bored and am feeling way over protective."

"All fine with me," he said. "You want more names?" He held out a crisp clean piece of paper and I glanced down, comparing it to the one clutched in my hand. Lines in a variety of writing utensils crossed off name after name until there wasn't a single one left untouched.

I snatched the perfect sheet from him and ruined it's perfectness by shoving it into my pocket. The past few weeks had been a lot of dumpster diving, sleeping on rooftops of abandoned warehouses, and a shit load of ass kicking.

Such was the only way to protect people close to me. There was no way I could go back.

I took off from the roof of that warehouse and soared high overhead. MY feathers seemed to glow under the evening sunlight and the tiniest adjustments of my feathers sent me swooping into an arc towards the main city.

My time had come and I intended to make the most of it.

Aww... my heart hurts from this. *wipes tear from eye* Don't worry, this isn't the end of Ruby's reign over... this is pathetic. I can't even remember what the city is called. Oh well. Join Ruby in the sequel... I have not yet decided on a title for that one. I usually don't until I stare at the blinking cursor for a few hours. Whatevs. I'm out.