Minty watched her brother running through the park. He was five, barely more then a child. He didn't know yet, Minty's adoptive parents had just gotten the letter. Matty was being drafted, to be trained in the military. Minty growled low in her throat, the war had been raging for years. Both boy and girl children were drafter, twice a year. Minty was older, sixteen, and already had training. Matty didn't stand a chance, he was too young to fight demons. Minty jumped when someone brushed her shoulder, Dante.

"I just heard about Matty, bummer." His brown eyes were distant and cold, voice insincere.

"Sure Dante, bummer, it's nothing!" Minty's biting sarcasm made the older boy pull back.

"We all have to serve our country Minty, however we can."

She stood, brushing the boy off. "I'm aware of how I am expected to serve my country and it's not happening!"

His eyes flared. "I'd hoped you'd have reconsidered my offer. With a face like yours, you won't get many!"

Minty flinched and her hand flew to the scar, long and silvery white. Dante smirked and crossed his arms, cold eyed. " I'm offering you a safe future Minty, a home."

Her own ocean blue eyes blazed. "I will not have children just to see then drafter! I will never marry a pig like you!" She walked away from the stunned boy, chocolate brown curls caught the breeze. Minty knew, as a women, what she was supposed to do. Grow up, marry, and have children to fuel the war. She was scarred though, cut from her cheek bone to the corner of her mouth. The mar of her face was part of her now it made her stronger. When it had first happened Minty had hated the sight of it. Minty had lived, fought, and they acted like it wasn't enough. She was orphaned, scarred, now they took her brother too. Her adoptive parents were kind, but they would never be Maria and Henry, rebel leaders. Matty had been an infant when it happened, Minty was eleven. They had tried, but couldn't crush the rebel spark that burned in Minty, like her parents. Taking Matty was just another one of their stupid games. She was done playing. Matty raced up, blue eyes burning. "I caught a frog Min!" He bounced with excitement.

"Oh really? Let's see it Matty." She grinned at him, heart breaking.

He showed her the little creature, cupped carefully in his hands. "See Min, see how small he is!" His boyish joy was so pure.

"Wow Matty, that is a little frog. What are you gonna call him?" Minty laughed at his antics.

Matty studied the animal. "P. Charming!" He nodded, serious blue eyes studying Minty.

"She cocked her head, confused. "P. Charming? What's that mean Matty?"

"Like a fairy tale Min! You can kiss P. Charming and he'll be your prince and won't care about you scar. Go ahead Min! He'll be your knight in armor, you'll be happy again." He smiled at his sister.

Minty blinked once, and broke down crying. Matty dropped the frog in shock and grabbed his sister.

"What's wrong Min? What did I do?" He was confused and tears started filling his own blue eyes.

Minty sobbed and clutched the little boy. "Nothing baby, you didn't do anything."

She picked him up and carried him back to the apartment. Minty snarled at her adoptive mother, Jennica, when she tried to take Matty. In an almost daze like state the girl tucked her brother in and sang him to sleep, crying. She sat there all night, guarding her little brother. Her sobs broke the night and into the early morning. They finally came for the boy, Minty went into her own room, anger raging like fire in her veins. Matty was confused, he fought the men dragging him away from his home. Minty watched them load him into the car from her window, a scowl darkening her face, serving her country. Her heart was shattering as her brother was drug away.

Life is not a fairy tale Matty boy, life breaks the best of us