Callie's mind was clouded. She needed time to think, time to figure out what had happened. They'd fought before, yes, but never like this. It was never so bad that Jazael would leave.

She'll come back, she thought. She has to. She always does.

She hardly noticed she was walking towards the beach until the warm sand nearly burned her sensitive feet. She nearly jumped and quickly went to the water, staying on the cooler, wet sand but not daring to go into the waves.

You know what, it's her own fault. She mused. She knows what today is, she shouldn't have brought it up in the first place. She kicked at the sand as her thoughts continued.

She shouldn't have mentioned it. She should have just kept her stupid little mouth shut. Why would she even bring it up? She knows it's a sensitive topic!

As her anger grew, insults and irrational thoughts formed into words, first quiet but rising in volume. It quickly turned to yelling, at nothing and no one in particular. She probably would have looked crazy to anyone who happened to be watching.

And someone was watching. The warlock didn't know it, but not too far away was a all-too attentive mermaid. She was carefully hidden away behind a rock formation a bit out from the shore. She didn't need to be close to hear the half-demon yelling her frustrations.

She tried to pay attention, noting a few phrases that stuck out; something about it being that time of year again, bad memories, and her partner (she assumed) being too insensitive.

When she decided she had had enough of the landwalkers yelling, she turned to go back home. She made the mistake of turning too sharply and caused a splash in the water. Not much, but enough to catch Cal's attention. The warlock turned towards the sound, habitually tossing a small fireball towards it. It was an impulse thing that she knew she needed to work on.

When she came back to her senses, she saw a head poking out of the water and staring at her with an angry look. She had about a second to think, 'oh shit' before the mermaid was swimming swiftly to shore, leaping from the water and bearing her fangs. She landed right where Cal had been about five second ago, but she had moved out of the way.

"Don't. Ever. Use your magic on me." The girl growled, her black scales shining out starkly against the backdrop of sand. "And don't ever come to this beach unless you need to talk to me or Manako. Keep your magic shit elsewhere." Her tone was threatening, and though Cal knew she could probably take her in a fight on land, she didn't want to risk being dragged into the water and drowned.

So she did the smart thing: nodded, apologized, and quickly left the beach, heading for home.