Start: July 1st, 2013
End: December 16th, 2013

There are 49 total chapters of Seventide after you view the Story Warning page, and one extra chapter that will be revealed on the release of the second book's first chapter! This is not a short story - it is a free released-online novel series!

Seventide: Book II: Incorporeal Umbra is 200 pages in the make as I type this right now. It may be a couple more months before it is completed, drafted two times, and then released - but it is well on its way.

:EDIT 12/16/13 - The last chapter for Book I has been completed and sent online! Thank you so much for those of you who followed and favorited me! For those of you who browse through and like it, please either watch or favorite! The next book, as you can see, is well on its way and close to being done! (Re'Shuul and I are aming for the page range of at least 300. Book I was 350 after chapters were implimented.) The Warning has been updated, as well as releasing the option to be emailed the uncensored document. Please reread it if you were familiar with it before! Things have changed a little bit now that it's complete! See you next time!

:EDIT 8/26/13 - I became aware through a friend who was reading that when scenes switch, they switch abruptly with no second enter to tell you that it has. I apologize, I had no idea it wasn't doing this while I uploaded chapters until now. I have lost chapter views on a lot of the chapters this month in my records, because I went back, deleted them, and updated the documents to have page breaks. I just learned of this lovely feature above, and put it to good use. If you feel confused because something seemed to have clicked out of nowhere, you may want to browse that chapter again to see if it's a scene switch. Forever after this, I will be checking to see if a chapter has page breaks. I apologize for any confusion!

Dear Potential Reader: A Word of Warning

This is Book One of Seven Seventides.

1. At Cerulean Mirrors, you will meet Cordia and Azren. They are brother and sister and they are cambions. There is a viable reason for why they are together, which is explained briefly. You can stop reading right now if that bothers you before you even reach Chapter 1. Fair warning!

2. There is NO SEX. NONE. This is not the place to look for porn. We allude to it, we poke fun at it, and it's briefly mentioned. But everything fades to black, even in the uncensored version we have personally. We have classy incubi and succubi here. This is at its heart, an adventure story that takes place in a fantasy setting. This was purely for fun, and even though sex is a major reason for conversation, it's always in either good fun, or character depth.

3. This is censored for online reasons. Since the novel is now complete, those of you who want the uncensored version of this (which includes a completely different chapter by the way that is clipped out, and a few notable details,) can PM me your email address, and I will send it to you. Please see #2 again!

4. If it seems like there's a lot of dialogue, there is! This is an epic-long RP between myself and Re'Shuul, and it's formatted and gone through three drafts to read more as a story. We will have a physical printed copy with a few more spelling errors and slight changes. We are unsure whether we will open this option up for readers at the moment, given we're still working out bugs on how it will work...

5. The logo design is mine on the cover there. I specifically designed it for this novel. All of the logos on the Seventide books are done from scratch by me, so I wil know if these are stolen. Don't do it. Each logo will have a different theme for each new book that comes out.

That's pretty much it. The Chapter 2 tab actually starts the novel, so click away.