Hi guys!

Well, I'm writing another poem book, and this one is going to be called Foreboding Nightmares (yes, I am aware that I changed the name from "Fears." I just thought that "Fears" was a tad too plain.

Well, I hope you enjoy!

The world becomes alive
With a single word.
A word that was
Meant to be

Nothing can be worse than
What already happened.
Fighting fears was not
And could not be an

The sadness in our hearts
Shall always be real
Even if the tears
Will never

A million words are shouting
Surrounding my head like
A song that never ends,
Take me a
way from

Death won't end all of the pain
It only spreads it further
Through others' hearts.
Childish fears still are

We want a second chance
To undo our wrongs.
Don't leave me here.
All alone in a void,