The room smells of tea being poured into old wooden cups. The floors mumble ekks and creeks whenever I step on them. The old library is filled with books onto of books, from classic Sherlock Holmes to the new age book the Hunger Games. Papa would read almost every story he could, before he passed. It still saddens me to think I have to live in a world without him.

{4 years ago}

"Papa, could you read another story?"

"Lilly I have already read ten to you tonight I think that's good for now."

"Oh but please papa, just one more?"

He sighed," fine one more then right to bed, hmmm let's see how about The Castle of Tea Cups?"

"I love that story can you please read it!"

Papa chuckled," ok the Castle of Tea Cups it is then." "In a kingdom filled with magic and mystery there was a castle made of tea cups. In this tea cup castle, lived the china doll king and the china doll queen, together they ruled the glass kingdom. They were a kind and caring kingdom who welcomed all and everyone was peaceful, until one night there came a beast that smashed anything in its way. Overnight the kingdom of glass was all shattered and so were all of its people, all but one. Lavendula Glenfield, the last china doll."

"Papa what happened to the beast?!"

"Whoa hold on Lilly, I haven't gotten there yet." "Now where was I, oh yes, Lavendula Glenfield, the last china doll."

Hope you like the 1st chapter