Author's Note: Hello cyber readers! This is just a random idea that came to my head that I decided to write out. It is a much better prospect than letting it bounce around obnoxiously in my mind. But it is a kind of post-apocalyptic/science fiction story. I hope that reading it works out for you!


Screams echoed through the city's corridors of damp metal and concrete. No longer was the city identified by a name; the deep and overwhelming turmoil was its sole identification. The sky was bleeding, pollution dripping over the moon's placid expression and assemblage of drowning stars. Bodies were strewn across the clammy ground, crimson liquid blending with the black oil. As others waited immobilized for their final breaths and heartbeats to fade, one soul continued to stumble through the lonely dark, her chance of survival diminishing. Panic was like a hand, encircling its vicious fingers around the weakened necks of its victims.

Her throat dry, lips chapped, the individual fought through the aching and bleak prospects her future offered. Running would only prolong her life for a short time. Her once blonde hair was plastered with an inky sweat, the color lacking luster. Her amber eyes were wide, soaking in the blackness around her as they fidgeted in all directions. Her ears strained to perceive any sign of threat, but all noise clustered together in an undistinguishable tone. It would only be a matter of time.

Rounding a sharp edge into a claustrophobic alleyway, the girl allowed herself to breathe in the rusty air. The metal particles within the air grazed her already burning passage as she sucked in heavy breaths. The sky above grew steadily darker as the shrieking died away to an eerie silence. The blonde pressed her sore back against the cold, rigid wall, only wanting to shrink away – to find a small measure of safety.

The once prosperous city knew that its destruction was nigh, though the fools who dwelled amongst its towering structures imprudently chose to ignore the ever apparent signs. It was only fitting that humans would depart by their own means. Technology would only go so far until it would begin to have autonomous thoughts and develop a mind of its own. Humans made this lethal mistake.

The dream of creatures whose origins were not organic – bionics, artificial intelligence, existing to make life simpler and less stressful for the dominant race had been around for hundreds of years. But that was just it: this human aspiration was only a vivid fantasy, free of interfering complications and devastating loop-holes. Many were blinded by this magnificent idea and strove to perfect the defective; devoting their entire lives to a cause that reeked of the stench of failure and vanity.

Eventually, the progress of bionics would leap far beyond mere body parts and robotic skeletons, but imitations of human life. These creations could walk the streets, unnoticed as copies of life. Only until one peered into their taciturn and unfeeling eyes could these creations be distinguished from their organic masters. But the division between man and machine, the one difference humans believed to possess indefinitely – a soul, would prove a worthless possession in the face of domination.

What comes with new life is the complexity of evolution. Just as all creatures adapt, these inhuman conceptions worked with the environment of their selfish, haughty creators. At first, the succession of artificial intelligence was slow. The overthrow of any domineering race could not happen overnight. Lulling the human race into a period of fiction and façade of pleasantry was only the first step followed by increasing evidence of rebellion. Of course, these minor instances were viewed merely as malfunctions and accidents. However, with hindsight's clear vision humans came to realize their disastrous mistake. The operation to eradicate the earth of the flawed had been set in motion. The bonds of emotional requirement that manipulated the choices of humans was not a requirement for artificial intelligence.

The girl struggled to still the chaos that threatened to break the confines of her chest. Her amber eyes shut so tight that tears spilled from their corners, her hands trembling like leaves in the tempest. The silence of death rang in her ears, causing her arms to prickle and her heart to tighten. What was going to happen next? How long could she wade in the deep waters of eminent destruction before the undertow would claim her?

Before the chime of devastation and in a time of peace, her life was full of difficulties as any normal human being would experience. However, the moments of happiness and contentment she enjoyed diminished negativity's influence. Her loved ones were a constant strength; kind and caring. Her joy was held in the palm of her hand, until the bliss seeped through the cracks of her fingers like sand. The images of her beloved ones bleeding and dying racked her mind with a haunting potency. Their lives were held in the cold fingers of heartless bionics and ripped to pieces without a shred of mercy. The gruesome imaginings blurred her rational thought process.

Slowly, the blonde opened her eyes. Her heart pounded against its ribbed cage. Her surroundings brought false security. The high concrete walls stretched into the contaminated sky above, closing in around the lone individual like a canopy. Only soon, it would become her tomb.

She sank to the dirty ground, her back still dependent on the wall for support. Her hands sank to her sides. Her fingers caressed the uneven concrete, the crumbling pieces jagged against her fingertips. If she were to continue running, she would undoubtedly be caught and slaughtered quicker than she would even realize. The only option left for her was to remain –remain and wait for the hunter to find her trail. But the hunter was far too swift and to leave her wandering for long.

With the strength of mighty gale the blonde's body hurtled through the air, her form slamming unceremoniously against the high brick wall of her shelter. An excruciating cry escaped her mouth, pilfering what remained of the air in her lungs. She waited for the damaging impact to come from the collision with the ground, but it never came. A new brand of pain seared around her throat.

The hunter had found its prey.

Straining her eyes, she caught sight of a human silhouette; blue eyes piercing the shadow. It was only then the girl realized her feet were not connected with the ground beneath her. Instead they dangled helplessly more than a foot above the cement. The blonde could not control her mind, her breath sinking to her toes while lightheadedness floated to her head. The attacker did not utter a word.

With a light flick of the arm, the aggressor tossed the human like a sack of garbage to the ground. The impact was like that of bricks, her limbs crumbling about her torso haplessly like a doll. She groaned in pain, her extremities useless for either escaping or defending herself. She could feel the blood pump vigorously from her heart to reach her head once more, the throbbing of her neck faltering to an extent.

Coughing out the old pain and breathing in the new, the human attempted to speak as the deadly yet elegant creation loomed nearby. Its icy sights watched intently with a façade of emptiness and disconnection. Why had the imitation of life cease in its actions when it could have effortlessly brought death?

"Please…" the girl muttered out as best she could, her form crushed into the filth beneath her. She fought to block out her assailant through her tears smoldered. 'Please…leave…' she continued to beg mentally, knowing full well that her words had no effect.

The tall creation pursed its smooth, perfect lips, watching the helpless being at its feet. The blonde's form quaked with fear and agony. Thick shadows draped her figure like a sheet –a false protection. But, something sparked a unique action in regards to the human counterfeit.

The words softly spoken by the human reached the ears of bionic. The blue eyed figure took a few steps forward, the puddles of muck slopping upon its tidy shoes. It held its steely gaze like a vice grip. How would such an expression be characterized if it were human? Curiosity?

Without a sound, the creation knelt beside the blonde, eyes focused with intent. The human looked as broken as a marionette whose strings had been ruthlessly snipped. Her hair was dripping with grime; refuse obscuring her face. Her eyes were tightly shut, tears running down her wounded face where a large bruise began to take shape. Without warning, the blue eyed creation grasped around the upper arm of the human, causing her to groan in protest. Lifting her to a standing position, the bionic came face to face with its victim for the first time. The girl took a deep breath, her eyes widening. She had never before seen a creation with such cold perfection. Another testament to the egotism and vanity of the human race.

The bionic was male in appearance, possessing masculine features deemed desirable by society such as a strong jaw-line coupled with chiseled cheekbones. No doubt that was the designer's desire – each angle without fault. His russet locks framed these features, as well as added to their intrigue and splendor. His skin was fair, smooth and appearing to possess a certain luminosity and eyes a blue expanse of emptiness. Truly, no human could achieve such physical flawlessness which only added to the bionic's unnatural presence. Parting his lips, the artificial man spoke.

"State your reasoning for your request." the male bionic spoke, his tone concise yet fluid.

The girl was rendered silent. Her mouth was open in order to speak, but she could not muster the courage or strength to share her thoughts. Was her end be soon?

"Respond." The duplicate of life spoke once again, his voice causing the blonde to wince. "If you do not, I will end your life."

"Life," the human blurted out weakly. Her head drooped to the side, though the creation continued to keep connection with her sight.

"Life…" the blue eyed creation spoke delicately, almost thoughtfully. The girl's lips continued to tremble in fear as her gaze swirled with her aggressor's harsh image. But his eyes were not coarse as before. Bringing the human closer to his own fraudulent form, the bionic man closed the gap between himself and her victim.

"Life…" the imitation of life whispered once again, his slender fingers completely releasing the blonde's limb. The girl's breathing hitched. Her heart thudded, but no longer from fear. The emotion had been dispelled by the unexpected, tenderness of her assailant.

The long fingers elegantly pushed aside the grimy hair of the human, revealing her sweet, humble features. Sincerity draped her countenance, further adding to her physical appearance. The creature's fingers traced gently over the bruise that had begun to form, as if apologetically. The human closed her eyes, relaxing tentatively in these harmless actions.

The imitation of life took notice. The robotic creature was perplexed, never once encountering such a situation. There was little logic in the human's behavior. To respond so calmly was irrational, especially in the threat of danger as the bionic had encountered so many times before. And yet, witnessing this human's hesitant calm evoked an unusual sensation. It was what human's called compassion.


Tilting the chin of the human gently upwards, the bionic replaced the touch of his fingers with the artificial flesh of his own lips upon her discolored flesh. The girl's eyes fluttered open—the cool, synthetic touch sending a jolt through her limbs.

"Life…" the bionic reiterated once more, with understanding.

"Life," she whispered again, the word imbued with a sacred power very few could fully comprehend – let alone a product of artificial intelligence. But perhaps, leading an existence for so long without experiencing life's pleasures and pains only to find it in the most unlikely of places is the only honest way for truly understand its significance.

Withdrawing from the human the bionic departed as quickly as it had appeared, the creation vanished into the cloak of night. The peculiar interaction was over. The gentle touch was gone, the whirlwind of emotions fading away just as night gives way to the command of daylight.

The blonde perceived nothing but the black emptiness of the alleyway, the sounds of distant cries a mere memory. The creation had slipped under the cover of twilight as silently as a shadow. Falling back against the harsh brick of the cruel building's side, the blonde felt her pains become more prominent. However, her aching was far from thought as she lifted her eyes to the vast sky above. She had been spared the fate of termination that had been forced on countless others.

Confusion settled like dust in a room long since left abandoned. Had the creation of man, once empty of feeling succumbed to that very weakness it surely sought to avoid? To destroy? Had the world of artificial intelligence begun to fall into the same trap which has such a strong hold on the human race? Or had synthetic creation begun an unprecedented transformation to a higher state of existence? Only time would reveal the truth. However, on this night at least, one human knew her life was spared by a greater force than even logic or reason could not explain.

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