Once upon a time, we were all a blank slate. A white canvas that was free of even the smallest drop of paint. But as we grew older, our canvas became stained with the colors of the experiences from our lives. The colors either form a magnificent work of art, or a monstrosity. We all have an unconscious choice of letting our experiences hold us back and turn us into a bitter, cold monster, or learning from them and letting ourselves bloom into a kind and strong individual. We can't feel sorry for ourselves for too long or else we'll waste away into nothing. We have to keep learning and becoming stronger in order to fulfill the unique purpose every single one of us has. We have to go through all our turmoil in order to see our true purpose on this planet. Whether it be to help complete strangers or to live a quiet life by ourselves, we need to live on to find what we're here for. We're all put on this planet for a reason and it's our job to find out what that reason is.

We can't throw in the towel when we come to a bridge we don't think we have the strength to cross. We must run towards the struggle and face it head on. Each struggle makes us stronger and wiser. We have to keep the hope that our struggle will pass and we'll walk away stronger than when we came. I have faith in everyone that we will all be able to get stronger and wiser so we can all finally reach the happiness we've been yearning for for so long. You may be asking yourself, "Who do you think you are to talk about purposes?" Well, I've found my purpose. My purpose on this ugly yet beautiful planet is to help any person who needs my help. First I'll do it through my writing, then I'll become a therapist so I can help others through my experiences. One day, we'll all find our purpose and we'll all become magnificent works of art.

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