I wonder about many things. Two things in particular.



Life is odd, really. Strange yet precious, but also very...what?

I live in this world. We all do. Life is something we can never return, never.

Also, the world is so quaint at times, so thrilling at another. Does anyone realize how much we need life? To live to our fullest?

But now that I think about it...hm. Strange.

But truly, humanity is quite fragile. And we are lucky to have it. Boys and girls grow up everyday, and life goes on.

Life will always go on.

And days, the days, as days go by,

I wonder what humanity means to others.

Really, humanity is something I shall always treasure.

And when I have a child of my own, I will tell them about life.

Because life is so many things.

It is fragile.





And I always hope that the world-the whole world-will finally understand something.



Those two things.